3 Steps to Achieve Your Goal

Good morning, people. How are we all today? I hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe. During this time of lockdown and quarantine, let’s spend some time cleaning up our thoughts and engage in some self-improvement. What do you say?

Whether you are a fan of The Secret (by Rhonda Byrne), or Ask and It Is Given (by Esther and Jerry Hicks) which is claimed to be based on the teachings of Abraham, there are generally 3 steps to achieve your goal. Here on this page let me try to simplify or summarize the messages from both these revealing and incredible books. Obviously, since I am the one summarizing, they would be based on my understanding of the information in those books, and might contain some of my own opinions.

From The Secret – Ask, Believe, Receive

This, I think, is the more well-known 3-step process to bring what you want to you. Since The Secret movie burst onto the scene more than 10 years ago, a lot of people have been exposed to the power of the mind.

The first step in the process is “ask”, and this should be something that you want very much. To increase your chances of success it should be something that excites you and that you don’t know how to obtain. If you know exactly how to get it then the thought of getting it probably wouldn’t excite you very much. And you need to be clear about what it is that you want. If you are not sure then you would be sending out mixed signals to the Universe. Take some time to self-reflect. Close your eyes, go through a few options one by one and see which one makes you real excited when it crosses your mind.

Next is “believe”. Know that what you asked for is yours already in the unseen. If you have placed an order for food online or through the phone, you would have faith that it’s on its way to you. It’s the same with your order from the Universe. Speak as if, act as if, pretend, imagine that what you want is yours. If you can do that, then the Universe will shift people, events, and all necessary components to bring it to physical manifestation. But how exactly the Universe will do that is none of your business.

And finally, “receive”. Feel wonderful that what makes you so excited is already yours. Reach for the feelings of having it, and then it manifests.

From Ask and It Is Given – Ask, It is given, Allowing it in

Ask – Based on the teachings of Abraham, your life experiences cause you to desire for better circumstances, better health, more money, better relationships, etc. This asking is automatic from you going through life events every moment of your day. For instance, you think of traveling to some country but then find out that you lack the money at this time, hence you ask for more money whether you verbally say it out loud or not.

It is given – It is claimed that once you ask for something, Source, or God, or Being, or the Universe provides it to you immediately. What you desire exists (and for this reason you might be able to sense it) and it only remains for you to allow it into your life.

Allowing it in – This is the step which you have to learn to do. Do not dwell or focus on what it is you do not want, like the circumstances that led to you asking for something. Don’t analyze your current circumstances, why you are there, how you got there, who is responsible for you being there, etc. Instead, feel the frequency of your desire, that is, feel like you already have it. If you want money, and you look at your bank account and feel discomfort or any other not-so-good feelings, it means that your beliefs about money are not at the frequency of your desire. So ask yourself “What does it feel like to be rich?” Do not think about the “how” – whenever you catch yourself thinking how Source can possibly bring what you want into your life, just change your question from “how” to “why”. “Why do I want to be rich?”

Time to Actually Do It!

Do me a favor, and try the above today. Consider this your homework for today. As you can see, both sets of processes are quite similar in nature. Both have been claimed to have worked. Personally I am following the second process (by Abraham) right now due to its simplicity. There are many free YouTube videos on the teachings of Abraham, and if you have some time to spare you may head over to YouTube.

That’s it for now. I may write a few sequels to this post elaborating more on how to apply these processes to improve our health, wealth, love life, other relationships, etc. So stay tuned and come back often because I post quite regularly nowadays. By the way, please feel free to subscribe to my emails. If you have any questions or comments just leave them below and I’ll be more than ready to start a discussion with you. Thanks a lot!


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