3 Steps to Achieve Your Goal: How to build wealth on a low income

Hey readers. How are you doing? I’m Clark, and here on this page I welcome you to a continuation of my previous post: 3 steps to achieve your goal, which you need to read first before continuing on. I’ve begun to write a series of posts elaborating on how to apply the 3 steps learnt in the previous post to get great results in various areas of our life, so how can I not do one on wealth, right? Today we will apply the 3-step process to the issue of how to build wealth on a low income.

Money is probably a concern for more than 90% of the population on Earth. But there is a silver lining – it is said that no matter what your current circumstances are with regards to wealth, it is possible to use the magic of your mind (which is our greatest asset, or liability, depending on how we make use of it) to bring wonderful changes to our lifestyle. And it is possible to begin at any time.

First step: Set a wealth goal that gets you excited

As discussed in the previous post, you may pick a quiet place to reflect on what you really want in terms of wealth or money. It has to be something that excites you very much. When you have an exciting or feel-good wealth goal, it guides you to take inspired action instead of you needing to drag yourself to go for it. Anyway what’s the point of getting something that you’re not excited about?

But how do you narrow down the options? It is advisable to settle on a dream so big that if you get it, you would know that it is because you used this 3-step process and nothing else. It should be something that you don’t know how to obtain (at the moment), because if you do, then your dream is probably not big enough.

So the first thing you can do now is set a wealth goal. Search deep within your heart what would make you happiest. You may find that instead of thinking of the exact amount of dollars you will earn or have (although certain people have claimed that works as well) the more important question might be what you want money for. If it is to be financially free, then perhaps you should visualize yourself financially free instead of visualizing yourself with piles and piles of money sitting next to you. Or do you want money to take your loved ones on a trip around the world? Then visualize yourself doing that and notice how you feel. Do you just want to have peace of mind? Do you want satisfaction in knowing you managed to create a successful business and passive income stream, or multiple passive income streams?

Second step: Know that it exists

Just know that what you want is yours in the unseen. Just accept this law and move on to the next step. Sometimes something can be right in front of you, but you just don’t notice it until the time is right or until you’re ready internally for it. Ever have that experience? This is something like that.

If you still have doubts, you can think back of a time in your life that you had such an experience. For example, you did not notice that lovely and kindhearted person who is your next door neighbor until one day… You can also imagine the creation of your goal somewhere in the world, and now it’s left for you to magnetize it into your reality right in front of you. Or imagine that your goal is close but invisible to you at the moment, and when you do step 3 it will become visible. Be creative.

Third step: Focus and appreciate

To get wealth, you must focus on wealth. Sounds simple enough, but if your thoughts are usually on your lack of wealth then it is not easy to go there. The reason is simply because you’re more comfortable thinking the same kinds of thoughts over and over again. Imagine you just strike the lottery. It must feel pretty weird, and you may get more than a little disoriented when deciding what to do with your new-found money. That is the kind of foreign feelings (feelings are physical manifestation of thoughts) you may get at first, even though you might be conscious of the fact that your new kind of thoughts feel good to you (feeling good, which is the result of thinking good-feeling thoughts, is the key to manifest anything). Your mind would try to trick you into thinking your old familiar thoughts again. This is the reason why it is very difficult for someone to change their station in life.

Focus on the fact that there is always enough for everyone as long as they are open to receiving it. The reason is that by creating using mind power, you are creating something with your mind instead of taking it away from somebody else. Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be transformed from one form to another. What you’re really doing is transforming something of a lower nature to something of a higher nature. See yourself with the wealth that you want. See yourself doing things with your wealth. Try to catch yourself thinking negative thoughts about money and then purposefully turn away from them. This is easier to achieve in the morning when you just wake up. You may then carry the momentum of good-feeling thoughts into your afternoon, evening and night. Another way to let go of negative thoughts is by meditating.

Appreciate. Appreciate the money that you already have. Appreciate the money that you want as if you have it already. Appreciate doing things with your money. Sometimes when you are in the middle of a bad day it is difficult to do this. Or you might have very negative thoughts regarding money. So what you can do is start small. For instance, look around you and find something pretty to appreciate. It can be anything and doesn’t necessarily have to be something that is regarding wealth. The idea is to get you thinking some good-feeling thoughts. As you think such thoughts, more similar thoughts are going to come to you and momentum builds. Once you can feel yourself on a train of such thoughts, you can then go back to tackling the subject of money.

And that is how you may apply the 3-step process to build your wealth. As I am writing this, my country is in a state of lock-down from Covid-19. In my opinion this is a great time to be studying personal development books, and refining our manifesting knowledge and abilities. I am doing just that and putting down what I’ve discovered in my studies on this website. Hence, I invite you to visit my website regularly :). And don’t forget to subscribe to my emails! Leave any questions or comments you have below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks a lot!

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