3 Steps to Achieve Your Goal: How to burn belly fat fast for women (and men)

Good day, everyone. How are we doing? My name is Clark, and welcome to the continuation of my earlier post: 3 steps to achieve your goal. You should read that first before continuing with this page. Here we are going to try and apply the 3 steps, and learn how to burn belly fat fast for women and men.

This is about using the power of our minds to get the ideal body shape that you would like. Because let’s face it, what do I know about the sciences, the foods, the exercises and the physical actions that people are asked to take to lose weight? Consistent with the niche of this website, I am going to discuss the mental exercise that you can do today to start getting the ideal weight and the ideal body that you would really like to have.

First step: Get clear about what you really want

When we talk about manifesting, and imagining, and visualization, it is often difficult to differentiate between each step, do you agree? It isn’t building a house, where you have step 1, 2, 3, and so on.

For example, when you try to get clear about what you want (step 1) and you’re going through what excites you the most out of all your options, you would be at the frequency of your desire (step 3). So just get started, use the 3 steps as a guide, but just remember the overarching essence of the 3 steps is basically feel good. When you do this more and more, you would start to gain clarity in your mind about the 3 steps, and what you should do next. So don’t wait to gain clarity on the 3 steps by planning and analyzing them before starting. That was my mistake in the past. Get started, and Source Energy will guide you on the next step, and the next, and the next…

But for the purpose of writing, I will try to separate the steps. So, I will be focusing more on the 3 steps by Abraham, as I think it is simpler (but no less effective). So first you get clear about what you really want. When I say this, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean a number, although you can come up with one. The more important thing is to get clear on what you want to think and feel about your body, your weight, your shape, etc. Think about why you want to burn belly fat and fast. Is it to get the cute guy you just met to notice you? Is it to get a boyfriend or girlfriend? Is it so that you feel better about yourself? Is it for health reasons? For example, I want to lose enough belly fat that I feel real good about how I look. Guys (and/or girls) turn their heads to look at me and I know it’s because of how good my body shape is.

Second step: The Universe answers

This is the easiest step and I don’t really have much to say here. The moment you can conceive of something in your mind, whether it is something positive or negative, it exists already. Know that. The experience of losing your belly fat exists, your ideal weight and body shape exists, and it just remains for you to allow it to reveal itself to you. Accept this as fact, and move on to the next step. This step is not your job.

It is said that because it exists already (in the unseen or wherever), you can sense it and I believe I have had those experiences before. Where even when something (which I should perceive as bad) happens, but then there is this comforting feeling that what happened doesn’t matter or is part of the Universe’s way of bringing what I really want to physical manifestation. I had the powerful sense that everything is still on track. That’s when I can sense my wish is close and savor the waiting.

Third step: Allow it into your life

You know the reasons for which you want to burn your belly fat? The feelings you aim for? Feel that way all the time. When you’re exercising, feel it. When you just wake up in the morning, appreciate your lean, mean body, and think about how good it feels to have people admiring the way you look when you are out on the streets, in the gym, in the supermarket, etc.

If you’re feeling stressed that your wish hasn’t arrive yet, or any other negative feelings such as anxiety, confusion or frustration, that is a sure indicator that you should change the way you’re feeling as soon as possible. Your negative feelings (which are caused by your negative thoughts) are causing you to unknowingly resist what’s coming to you. Look around for something in your present environment, or close your eyes and think about something in your life, that makes you happy (this is a good way to take your mind off the thing that is making you stressed, anxious, confused or frustrated) before going back to feeling optimistic and good about your body again.

That’s how you apply the teachings of Abraham to burning or losing belly fat fast. I think I will write more posts like this elaborating on how to apply this process to improve our health, wealth, love life, other relationships, etc. So, stay tuned and do come back to my site regularly. And please feel free to subscribe to my emails! If you have any questions or comments regarding today’s information shared, just leave them below and I’ll be more than ready to have a discussion with you. Thanks a lot!

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