3 Steps to Achieve Your Goal: How to have good health

Good morning (or day), everyone. How are you all doing? This is Clark, and welcome to a continuation of my previous post: 3 steps to achieve your goal. You should read that first before reading on. We are going to apply the 3 steps in that post for how to have good health below.

This post will teach you how to use the power of your mind for well-being and to feel energetic. Obviously, I’m not asking you to be careless in taking care of your health. So please take the necessary precautions especially in these times of pandemic (at the time of writing my country is under a lock-down), but just know that having unreasonable fear will not help any of us. You’ve heard of the placebo effect, where people are healed after being given a placebo (something that supposedly have no effect but the patient is told that it has) such as a sugar pill. That’s the power of the mind.

First step: Ask

The first step will be to get clear about what you want. Spend some time thinking about this. Do you want to feel energetic all day every day? I used to think that I was a healthy person, but at the end of the day I was exhausted. Half the time I wasn’t feeling 100% (which sometimes translates to my mood being not so good) or had tense muscles here and there, but I didn’t even notice them and how they are affecting my mood. So these are some of the things you can try to notice when you do this exercise.

It is said that if you are not very sure about what you desire then you would be sending out mixed signals to the Universe or Source. So put aside some alone time, go through a few scenarios in terms of your health to know which one gives you the best feelings. Then spend some time thinking about it some more just to make sure.

With the pandemic that is currently ongoing, this step may not even be necessary. Because going through life causes you to ask Source for improvement when you experience something that doesn’t satisfy you. So seeing people being sick automatically causes you to ask for great health and better times for yourself and your loved ones. The more serious the pandemic gets, the stronger your desire becomes.

Second step: Source answers

This second step is not your job. The moment you wish for something, it exists. How it came to be is not your concern. Just accept that. Your job is step 1, and more importantly, step 3.

Third step: You allow it to reveal itself

So I mentioned that the more serious the pandemic gets, the stronger your desire for better health. However, when your desire for something becomes stronger, your optimism about your chances of getting it becomes weaker. The worsening circumstances, which make your desire ever stronger, also lead to you becoming more frustrated, more scared, more angry, and all this just lower your frequency in relation to the frequency of your desire (you feel less and less good, but on the other hand you want it more and more). So the first thing to ‘do’ is to be aware of this. And then how are you going to turn things around?

One thing that is advised is to “get out ahead of it”. At the start of each day, once you wake up, there is usually a period of time when your thoughts are not contaminated with frustration, fear, or other negativity. So before you get out of bed, just lie there for a while and think about how good lying in your bed feels. Feel the joy of being healthy and safe. Think about the time that you will get to spend with your family, the activities that all of you have planned to do together.

The more you practice “getting out ahead of it”, the longer you are going to feel good every morning, and then the easier you will be able to maintain your good feelings throughout the day. If you start off your day on the wrong foot, you would find it difficult to turn things around later in the day. Ask yourself in the morning “What does it feel like to be full of energy?” and never analyze the “how” of it. How Source is going to bring it to you is not your concern.

And that’s how you apply the 3 steps to achieve good health. I’ll be writing more posts like this, elaborating on how to apply the steps to improve our health, wealth, love life, other relationships, and so on. So stay tuned, visit my website regularly, and subscribe to my emails! Leave any questions or comments you have in the comment box below and you’ll find me more than ready to have a discussion with you. Thanks a lot!

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