4 Inspire3 Self-Help Tools That Will Change Your Life

Hello there, I’m Clark, the author for this website. Using Inspire3 self-help tools are the easiest self-help practices that you can do, and if you just learned about the law of attraction and are looking for a way to put it into practice, these tools can help get you started.

Zen12 Meditation Audios

Have you ever heard that meditation connects you with the source of all good things? Having done it myself and reach that place of connection and experienced things starting to shift in my life as a result, I am now a strong believer of that claim. Now, I meditate daily.

To a lesser extent, meditation will relax you, make you sleep better, and can even improve your brainpower. Better memory, more focus, more creativity, the list goes on and on. Inspire3’s Zen12 meditation audios will meditate for you. All you need to do is hit play and listen. Then enjoy the benefits of meditation.

When beginning to practice meditation, you could use these audios as a supplement. Perhaps listen to these audios every morning and practice DIY meditation at night without these audios.

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Subliminal Tools

Subliminal technology works like this. By exposing you to subtle sounds or images, which your conscious mind can’t interpret, because the sounds are so soft or the images flashed so quickly, they will bypass your conscious mind and will be received directly by your subconscious, which just accepts whatever you feed it. These sounds and images are in the form of positive messages or affirmations, by which you convince your subconscious that you are confident, you are rich, you eat healthily, etc.

Subliminal tech is a great way to change your beliefs, any of them. From releasing addictions to believing you are wealthy to increasing your confidence, subliminal tech can help rewire your stubborn thinking patterns. You could look into audio subliminal, or visual. It’s up to your preference.

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Hypnosis Live

Hypnosis works like subliminal technology, but is more powerful in my opinion. Hypnosis relaxes your conscious mind so that the hypnotist or hypnosis audio can start to rewire your subconscious beliefs or thinking patterns, kind of like subliminal tech in this regard. But in my opinion it is more wholesome than subliminals. Instead of just feeding you a set of affirmations, hypnosis begins by deconstructing your existing beliefs before guiding you through a set of mind exercises through which your new beliefs can take hold more strongly in your subconscious mind.

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Enjoy The Freebies!

If you have checked out my reviews of Inspire3 tools by now, you would notice that there are quite a few freebies that you can get, to give you a taste of what’s to come. I hope you enjoy them, if you decide to purchase anything I would receive a commission but at no extra charge to you. I hope they can help you to improve some aspect of your life that perhaps you have struggled with for quite some time already. If you have any questions about these tools, just ask them below and I am ever ready to help you. Thanks a lot, and I’ll see you around!

12 thoughts on “4 Inspire3 Self-Help Tools That Will Change Your Life”

  1. I think the details regarding the Zen12 meditation audios provide a good overview of how they do the meditating for me and all I have to do is listen. The subliminal tools section explained in detail how the technology works with further reading on the matter provided. It is clear you believe hypnosis is more powerful than subliminal technology. Overall I found the article informative and well written.

    • I’m happy that you find it good, and more importantly I urge you to utilize these tools to improve areas of your life. Even the freebies are powerful technology indeed.

  2. Hi Clark, I am a sucker for anything related to self-improvement and I have to say your article is really informative because you introduced me to some techniques that I have not even heard of like subliminal tools and others I did know but never understood how they relate to self-improvement like hypnosis.

    • Glad it was of some new info to you, and I dare you to incorporate these techniques into your self-improvement regime :). Of all the self-improvement practices I do, meditation is probably my favorite as it is such a simple practice yet so powerful.

  3. It is rather intriguing to realize that these 3 self-help tools are in line with my goals.
    I really love how partaking of daily meditation and subliminal tools helps one conquer fear, anxiety and self-doubt that we all face on a daily basis.
    I am sure that using these tools will help individuals increase their self-confidence and self-esteem and improve their chances of living a successful life.

    • Thank you for your endorsement Moni, but make sure to try their magic for yourself. Technology nowadays is so advanced, that there is almost nothing that it can’t replace! Now people can meditate just by listening to an audio!

  4. Hi Clark,

    Thanks for the great tools that you’ve provided. I am considering the first two that you have proposed. They sound interesting for a beginner like me.

    I must say that it is the first time that I’ve heard about subliminal technology. Sounds good enough to give it a go. Positive affirmations are of great need in this time of uncertainties.


    • Yeah, I think self-help or personal development is very important in these times of uncertainty, and what’s more, we have more time at home than ever to practice! Let me know if you have any questions regarding these items and if you experience any breakthroughs after using them do share them with me.

  5. Hi Clark and thanks for writing “4 Inspire3 Self-Help Tools That Will Change Your Life”. I have made use of meditation at different times throughout my life to help maintain focus and clarity. I have also made use of self-hypnosis recordings when I’m going to sleep or waking up. It’s a great way to reprogram the subconscious mind to be more helpful and less of a hindrance. I have never tried using subliminal tools, but I’m guessing it would have some kind of impact. I think it’s important for everyone to realize that it is possible to make significant changes to your life and some of these tools can help make it happen when used wisely.



    • Yes, no harm in utilizing technology to help us out a little. These tools are pretty creative and beneficial, and in addition to my do-it-yourself self-help practices I use these tools to give me a boost whenever I need one.

  6. Good day Clark, I am pleased to meet you. I’m thrilled to come across Inspire3, which I did not know before. I agree with you that using Inspire3 self-help tools are the easiest self-help practices we can do. And well, I think I agree with you that meditation connects us with the source of all the good things. This is so helpful, thank you so much for providing this piece of writing.

    • I am pleased to meet you too, and I hope you enjoy the free tools which are powerful by themselves. And if you decide to go further and acquire more Inspire3 products at reasonable prices, I know you’ll find those absolutely beneficial as well and able to help you achieve what you want.


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