A 30-Day (Personal Development) Challenge, Day 13: Reading A New Earth: Awakening to your Life’s purpose #6

Hey there gals, guys, everybody, how has it been? Welcome back to my 30-day personal development challenge/case study! Before starting Day 13, you may have a look at my Day 12 activities and findings (if any). Again, my main goal with this challenge/case study is raising my vibration (good feelings) to a place it has never been before, and stay there obviously. Today, more of my thoughts on the book A New Earth: Awakening to your Life’s purpose.

To Sum It Up So Far…

Got to say, I think Chapter 6: Breaking Free of the book is one of the best personal development chapters I’ve read for some time. Or perhaps it just resonates with me at this point in time. It talks about how to be free from the pain-body, and additionally what to do when we are in the vicinity of someone else’s pain-body.

As I was reading the words, I can feel a shift in perspective on how to deal with certain life situations, those caused by our pain-body. I finished the chapter with a good vibration (I think) and practiced what Eckhart suggested for the rest of the day.  

I did discuss these ways to be free of the pain-body in the last chapter (see Day 12: Reading A New Earth: Awakening to your Life’s purpose #5).

An Exquisite Tale…

As the sub-heading says, there’s an exquisite little tale, well two of them actually, in this chapter. They are regarding Eckhart’s experience in helping to bring about Presence in people’s lives. One is about a woman who “felt lonely and unfulfilled” and had a very heavy pain-body. So Eckhart asked her to “allow those feelings to be there”.

In Eckhart’s own words: “There is nothing you can do about the fact that at this moment this is what you feel. Now, instead of wanting this moment to be different from the way it is, which adds more pain to the pain that is already there, is it possible for you to completely accept that this is what you feel right now?”

Another tale deals with a neighbor who came to Eckhart with a problem. She also had a heavy pain-body. What Eckhart did was, in his own words, “At once I had the strange sensation as if a dimmer switch had turned the inside of my entire body to maximum power. There was nothing to do other than remain open, alert, intensely present – present with every cell of the body. I looked at her with no thought and no judgment and listened in stillness without any mental commentary.”

“I had not reacted, not confirmed the reality of her story, not fed her mind with more thought and her pain-body with more emotion. I had allowed her to experience whatever she was experiencing at that moment, and the power of allowing lies in non-interference, non-doing. Being present is always infinitely more powerful than anything one could say or do, although sometimes being present can give rise to words or actions.”

Alright, Everybody, Till the Next Part!

That’s it for today. Watch out for the next chapter in a couple of days’ time. At the meantime, keep well and entertained. Do not hesitate to leave your questions and comments below. Till the next time, thanks a lot!

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