A 30-Day (Personal Development) Challenge, Day 15: Which Self Help Teachers to Listen To?

Hey there guys and gals, how is it going? Welcome back to my 30-day personal development challenge/case study. Before starting Day 15, you may have a look at my Day 14 activities and findings (if any). Not much has changed with respect to my daily activities, but I had some musings today about how to know which self help teachers to follow.

Listen To Your Heart??

The first thought that occurred to me, followed by me humming the song… The thought was immediately followed by my interpretation: Just do what feels good. Do what feels inspiring. Do what your heart desires.

At the early days of my personal development journey, I was a compulsive thinker. I would like to think through the steps before I do it, and then think through them some more. Often, after I have ‘thought it through’, it’s time for dinner.

So I wasn’t feeling good. I was thinking about feeling good. I was planning out the steps to feel good. I wasn’t meditating, I was thinking of meditating. Now at certain points of the day, I stop and observe: how am I feeling now? If I’m not feeling good, what can I do or think of right now to bring myself to that good-feeling place? Is it to meditate? Is it to be more present? Is it to imagine going on a trip? Even though the world is being hit by Covid-19 at the moment. And then I do it.

Follow A Few Teachers At The Same Time?

Why not? I know that some gurus ask you to listen to him/her only, and not to mix doing their practices with other practices. And that is fine. If that guru fulfils all your feel-good needs, you probably don’t need anyone else.

I’ve been listening to various teachers and doing a mix of practices, I realized today, since the start of this challenge of mine. Meditation strikes my fancy now, OK, I’ll do that. Feel like listening to Abraham Hicks, let’s go. It is claimed that we are able to attract only the thoughts or impulses or information that are in the vicinity of our vibration. Or perhaps they are in front of us all the time but it is that we couldn’t interpret or accept or comprehend them if we are not ready (if our vibration is not at the required level). So doesn’t that mean whichever teacher or practice that appeals to me right this moment is the one I should listen to/do now? We may not be able to jump from feeling hate to feeling love in a matter of seconds, but we could choose the best-feeling thoughts that are available to us at present, and once we are feeling better a new set of best-feeling thoughts would be available to us.

Till The Next Time, Guys and Gals!

So I guess that is it for today. Thanks so much for your company on this journey. We are halfway there, we are halfway there. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or comments. Just leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Stay safe, keep entertained, and always feel better. Till the next time, thanks a lot!

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