A 30-Day (Personal Development) Challenge, Day 17: Listening to Abraham Hicks videos #2

Hey there my loyal readers. What’s up? Welcome back to my 30-day personal development challenge/case study!! Before starting Day 17, you may have a look at my Day 16 activities and findings (if any). I have been listening to Abraham Hicks and therefore let me just put down some thoughts or musings of mine below. Alright, shall we begin?

Upstream Against Downstream

Life is likened to a river. It flows downstream from the mountain to the sea. As human beings we can choose to row upstream against the current, or let the river carry you downstream. One is much easier than the other.

When you think that life is looking to bring you down, and you cling to the belief that you have to work hard and/or struggle just to get by, then you’re pushing against the current. When you choose to think about something that makes you unhappy instead of happy and appreciative, you’re rowing upstream. Because feeling good is easier and feels………well………better.

If you live with the knowledge that life is giving you whatever you give your attention to, then you’re beginning to be aware of the current of life. If you think about what you want and revel in it instead of what you don’t have and feel bad about it, if you appreciate instead of complain, if you explain something the way you want it to be instead of the way that it is, then you are letting the current of life carry you along. And that is everyone’s natural state. If we don’t deal in negativity, if we can somehow stop negative thinking (such as when we meditate) then we automatically gravitate towards our natural state.

Are We Really Content?

When you hear people say I am content, I don’t need much, I have enough already, does that mean they have become enlightened beings?

Abraham made the point that as human beings we will never stop asking. There will always be something new that we want. Life is an endless stream of events and circumstances that borne new desires in us. Thus when people say they are content, what’s really happening could be that they have bought into the idea of finite resources in the world, that they don’t want to take more than their fair share in case others don’t have enough, that they don’t deserve more than what they already have, that they don’t believe they can have it. In other words, they could be suppressing their desires.

But when you have a desire and do not go for it, you don’t feel good. That’s going upstream. When people say that they have enough, what they may have had enough of is the gap between their desires and their beliefs or expectations, which feels bad because they want it but they don’t think they can have it, and hence they think it might be better if they just suppress their desires. But once a desire is born, we cannot undo it. It can transform into an even bigger desire, but once a desire is born we wouldn’t be happy or satisfied until we start moving in the direction of fulfilling it.

Stay Tuned For The Next One, Readers!

It’s goodbye for now, but just keep a look out for the next chapter! Do not be afraid of your desires; and always go downstream. Just let me know below your questions and comments if any. Till the next time, thanks a lot!

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