A 30-Day (Personal Development) Challenge, Day 19: Listening to Abraham Hicks videos #4

Hey there boys and girls. What’s going on? Clark here, and welcome back to my 30-day personal development challenge/case study! Before starting Day 19, you may have a look at my Day 18 activities and findings (if any). I’ve been listening to Abraham Hicks on YouTube and continuing from the previous chapter below are more musings of mine as I listened.

Stop Dragging the Past with You

You can be right all you want. You can keep telling the same story. I am where I am because of that person. As everybody can see from my past experiences, money is hard to come by, at least for me. I just don’t see how that can happen. Based on my past (bad) experience with this, I can just see it happening again… But that will in all probability keep you where you are. Because focusing on something that doesn’t make you feel good just brings more of that to you and keeps you from expanding. If something feels bad, forget it.

Let every moment be fresh and full of possibilities. What you are currently experiencing is the result of all that you have thought and are continuing to think. That’s fine, your current situation is your current situation. But it follows that if you could find a way to feel good now, and then keep feeling good, then what you experience is going to change. And believe me, when you’re flying high, that person (that you dislike) won’t even cross your mind. Your vibration won’t allow you to.

Don’t Let Others Determine Your Vibration

If you let the actions of other people decide what vibration you’re going to be in, then you are going to have a hard time. You’ll be at a huge disadvantage. Because then you are not in control of your life. Whether you’re happy or not depend on what your colleague/boss/parent/neighbor/enemy say or do? There’s something wrong with that. And it’s not just people, it’s events, it’s circumstances, it’s your health, it’s your surroundings.

One thing we can do is decide every morning that we are going to feel great today. Remind yourself that no matter who says what later, you have a choice as to how you feel inside. Then close your eyes and meditate, let your vibration rise, and then proceed to go about your day with the intention of making it a brilliant one.

Ladies and Gentlemen… So Long!! (For Today)

I guess it’s cheerio for now. Thank you so much, as always, for your company on this spiritual journey of mine. We, and only ourselves, are responsible for how we feel. It is practically impossible to control how another person behaves, so don’t even try. Your joy and love is going to change your world. Please let me know below should you have any questions or comments for me. I shall get back to you as soon as possible. Till the next time, thanks so much!

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2 thoughts on “A 30-Day (Personal Development) Challenge, Day 19: Listening to Abraham Hicks videos #4”

  1. Hello Clark. I too listen to Abraham-Hicks on YouTube. I do it almost every day. During the pandemic and having limited things to do, I take a ride in my car for 20 – 30 minutes, get an ice tea from Dunkin’ Donuts, and listen to A-H. It always uplifts my mood and my optimism for everything in my life. Keep up the great practice. It will serve you well.

    • Likewise, you too, keep listening, but more importantly keep feeling better. It’s the 24/7 practice that’s going to get you all you want.


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