A 30-Day (Personal Development) Challenge, Day 2: Allowing the Manifesting of Desires

Hey there gals and guys, what’s up? It’s Clark here, welcome back to my 30-day personal development challenge/case study. Before starting Day 2, you may have a look at my Day 1 activities and findings (if any). I’ve challenged myself, for the next month or so, to raise and maintain my vibration (good feelings) at a higher-than-it-has-ever-been level, and today I’m going to do (or have done) an age-old exercise which is said to be good enough to allow the manifesting of desires – all of them!

3-step Manifesting Process

If you read my “3 Steps” series, you’d know that in that series I talked about the 3-step process that we can use for manifesting a desire we have. There are two 3-step processes discussed in that article, one based on The Secret book, and the other based on Abraham Hicks’ methods/teachings (the methods of Abraham presented through Esther Hicks). Under Abraham Hicks’ methods (which resonate with me more than The Secret at least for now), living life caused us to ask, consciously or unconsciously, for improvements, for more. When we know what we don’t want we know what we do want. Then Source immediately answers and gives us what we want, but we have to allow it in, and meditation is said to be like the allowing part of the process.

How do we allow? By raising our vibration, which we can gauge by how we are feeling, to the level of our desires. When we encounter something we don’t want, it’s because we have certain beliefs and expectations that caused the event to be manifested and subsequently a desire to be born. So our current beliefs and expectation has a lower vibration (makes us feel less good) than our desires. When we meditate, we stop thought, including negative thoughts. A belief is formed by continuously thinking a certain thought (or group of thoughts). When we stop negative thoughts, we suspend those negative beliefs and obviously our vibration then rises.

Now don’t ask me whether I have manifested anything already. This won’t be a one or two-day thing. I’m actually aiming to make it a morning habit. In recent weeks oftentimes I woke up with quite a mix of thoughts, which caused me a bit of confusion and that made me less likely to meditate, although I know those were the times when I should be meditating more. Today, I sort of forced myself a little bit to do it (because I remembered the promise I made to you readers!) and so my meditation journey begins! I’ll be doing this every morning once I awake.

How Did It Feel?

I won’t lie, I’m a bit rusty. It took me quite a while to get my meditation going. The key was remembering to relax. Even when I was only focusing on my breath, my body tensed up. Add to that my chattering mind and I had all the ingredients for an unsuccessful session. Once I was able to relax, I can feel sweet, delicious sensations coursing through my body, especially in those places where my muscles were tight, and that made it much easier to concentrate on my breath (while relaxing all the while).

Afterwards, I feel fresh. My body feels relaxed yet alive, while my mind was pretty sharp. But not for long, because I only managed to linger in that meditative state for a very short period of time (had some chores to do). But what an effect it had. For sure, I’m going to be doing this more often, maybe again tonight to make up for this morning.

Stay Tuned, Gals and Guys!

OK, that’s it for today, again thanks so much for going through this journey day-by-day with me. I do hope you’re enjoying every post so far. If you happen to have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to leave them below and I shall get back to you ASAP. Thanks a lot!

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