A 30-Day (Personal Development) Challenge, Day 20: Reading A New Earth: Awakening to your Life’s purpose #7

Hey there gents and ladies. How is your day coming along? Welcome back to my 30-day personal development challenge/case study. Before starting Day 20, you may have a look at my Day 19 activities and findings (if any). On this fine day, please bear with me as I talk more about my thoughts/musings while reading A New Earth: Awakening to your Life’s purpose. I am nearing the end of this wonderful book.

Just Keep At It

There was talk about how feeling a lack of anything, whether it is abundance, love, respect, appreciation, etc. keeps you in lack. Instead, acknowledging the good in our lives and giving what we want to other people will bring more of these things to us. There are many things we could give to the world (appreciation, love, recognition), not just money, and when we flow them out through us to the outside world we are experiencing them ourselves.

But beware: whenever I have made a resolve to do anything, to be more appreciative, to focus on feeling only abundance, to love, to respect, there will then be something(s) that I see or hear that will strongly pull me back into my old ways. I used to think it’s the Universe’s way of messing with me, making me go towards what I want and then trying its best to screw things up.

But now I realized maybe, just maybe, it’s the subtle discomfort of feeling a new way that made me want to rush back into the comforting arms of my old habits again. Or perhaps it is necessary to bring those issues up so that I could see just where I am, or to let me know that I am on the proper track. Either way, my advice is just keep at it. Until it becomes your new normal.

Don’t Mind What Happens…

The moment something happens, it has already happened. If we can don’t label whatever happens as good or bad, we accept or let it be, because we know that it is impossible for the mind to comprehend how each thing that happens fit into the grand scheme of things, then we stop resisting the present moment. We stop suffering. Perhaps if we look back after the entire episode has played out, then we (may) just see how all the pieces fit together, how something that we would have perceived to be quite bad for us actually brings us to where we wanted to go.

The moment you make the present moment your friend, life becomes your friend. Your circumstances become helpful, people become helpful, whatever you do is guided by the intelligence of Source/Being itself. But you would have to keep at it until it becomes second nature to you.

A paragraph from the book that I found incredibly profound:

“At worst, and this is also very common, the present moment is treated as if it were an enemy. When you hate what you are doing, complain about your surroundings, curse things that are happening or have happened, or when your internal dialogue consists of shoulds and shouldn’ts, of blaming and accusing, when you are arguing with what is, arguing with that which is always already the case you are making Life into an enemy and Life says, “War is what you want, and war is what you get.” External reality, which always reflects back to you your inner state, is then experienced as hostile.”

Come Back Soon, Ladies and Gents!

It’s goodbye, but only for now. The next chapter will be out in a couple of days (fingers crossed). If you’re doing something related to personal development right now, my advice is just keep at it until it works. Stop analyzing so much, stop planning, just do it. And remember one thing, when you stop thinking negative thoughts, your vibration will rise to its natural state of joy, love and incredible positivity. I’ll see you soon, thanks a lot everyone!

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