A 30-Day (Personal Development) Challenge, Day 22: Taking Stock #3

What’s up folks?! How’s it going? Welcome back to my 30-day personal development challenge/case study. Before starting Day 22, you may have a look at my Day 21 activities and findings (if any). Below you will find more of my thoughts and findings after going through three weeks of this case study to raise my vibration to higher than ever before.

Something I Realized…

A good vibration gets rid of all our problems. It is my belief, and quite a few masters or gurus have backed me up, that every problem is only perceived, so it can be made to go away by a shift in perspective.

In the last week or so, I had a period of on-and-off intense fear and worry, about my future. I saw something that triggered intense financial worries in me for a couple of days. But nothing much has changed in the physical or tangible world. It came at night when I was perhaps a little tired, or perhaps I didn’t get a good enough sleep the night before, perhaps I did not drink coffee that day, or perhaps it’s something else. 

When something like that happens, all any of us should do, I think, is to concentrate on raising our vibration. One of the best ways we can do that is just close our eyes and meditate, although that is when the mind is most aggressive, saying no to everything except searching for a solution. It never works… When I’m feeling despair, every idea feels like a terrible one, every idea makes me feel more despair, every idea makes me feel like I will be forced to give up something valuable.

Another way is: catch yourself in the middle of thinking a negative thought that doesn’t feel good. Then tell yourself, that feels terrible. Choose another thought. I am so grateful that I have steady income. I am lining up more and more with the law of attraction. Ah, that’s feels better. Let’s continue to think thoughts like that. Or stay at that good-feeling place for a while. Once I felt better, once the vibration rose, my perspective changed. I’m not doing too badly. There’s this thing I can fall back on… I can try this… This thing I’m doing has a lot of potential…

Some fears or worries are irrational (perhaps all are if you understand that every form, including the physical you, is only temporary in this world) but at the time of it happening it will feel real to you. And at the time, your mind will powerfully reject doing anything else besides thinking more about the problem and trying to force a solution out. And that is when an understanding that everything is about vibration, will help. Once you’re at a better-feeling place, don’t rush off to analyze the problem again, just maintain or keep improving your vibration and let the solution come to you. Not only would the solution come, you would have gotten a taste of what it’s like and you’ll wonder why no one taught you this before.

Know You Are Deserving

When I’m in the throes of… let’s call it ecstasy – I think that’s when my vibration is high enough – sometimes there is an inclination to pull back, like it’s too much. I think it’s important then to realize we are all deserving of feeling this way, all the time. We are deserving of every good that life has to offer. This is actually our natural state of being, but we have forgotten.

Stay Tuned For The Home Stretch!

That’s it for today, ladies and laddies. Remember, it’s vibration, vibration, vibration. Let me know if you have any questions or comments below. There is no question too small, no comment insignificant. Till the next time, everyone, thanks ever so much!!

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