A 30-Day (Personal Development) Challenge, Day 25: Looking at Signs from the universe

Dear friends, welcome back to this 30-day personal development challenge/case study of mine! Before starting Day 25, you may have a look at my Day 24 activities and findings (if any). Today, I thought of signs from the universe, of which I’ve been getting quite a few, and how we should approach them.

You Know These Signs…

Have you been receiving any signs from life, from the universe, lately? Perhaps you’ve been seeing numbers that mean something to you, and you specifically. Maybe your eyes are always drawn to the clock at a specific time (11:11 anyone?). Perhaps you’ve been seeing angel numbers. Coming across something which has great significance to you, seemingly by accident, a few times on the same day. I’ve been receiving lots of signs lately. But I asked, do they indicate my alignment with Source/Being/God/Presence, or am I bluffing myself?

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How Do Your Signs Feel?

Signs can bring forth excitement. I’m talking about those that suddenly hit you, those where you suddenly realize what it means, and not those where for instance you wait for the clock to strike a certain time and then go, “Ah ha! There’s the sign!” Although I have to say, it’s good to be optimistic.

But the danger is: you begin stressing out over WHEN it’s going to come. Because the term ‘sign’ indicates that whatever you want is not here yet. So when the signs come and you think about the fact that it’s not physically here yet, especially if you have wanted this thing for a long time, then the sign might cause you to feel worse. You may even start to doubt this whole law of attraction stuff. But, that is probably the extreme case. I think for most people, seeing a sign out of nowhere would, if they’re not feeling too good on that day, bring them back to feeling hopefulness.

I enjoy the signs when they come, I enjoy the excitement they bring. If the sign comes when I’m aligned with Source, at peace, happy, ecstatic, enthusiastic, plugged into the power of Presence, it is an indication to continue or to feel even better if that’s possible. If it comes when I’m not feeling good, I see it as an indication that I need to change something right now. So I no longer analyze it, I don’t pay attention to the fact that it hasn’t (physically) arrive yet, I take it in my stride and carry on with my life.

That’s Day 25 for you!!

Thanks for being here with me on this quest of mine. I think this 30-day deadline might be the most meaningful deadline I’ve set myself, or been given for that matter. I hope you keep believing in, and enjoy your signs from the universe. Don’t be shy to leave your questions and comments below. I repeat, don’t be shy, OK? Till the next one, folks, thanks ever so much!

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