A 30-Day (Personal Development) Challenge, Day 26: How to Improve Your Vibration

What’s up, my fellow human beings on this beautiful Earth? I’m Clark (as you know), and a warm welcome back to this 30-day personal development challenge/spiritual quest of mine. Before starting Day 26, you may have a look at my Day 25 activities and findings (if any). As we head towards the end of this series I shall put down more ‘how to improve your vibration’ tips and realizations that came to me in these 30 days.

I said ‘more’ because the methods I mentioned in previous parts are also aimed at improving one’s vibration (this is a series aimed at improving one’s vibration, after all). It’s been quite a steep learning curve, but I think it’s difficult to relate unless you go through it (trying your damnedest to raise your vibration permanently) yourself.

Vibration Can Go Up and Down

Especially when you are reaching for new heights. This was my experience, and still is. Whenever I thought I’ve done pretty well today, the next day there will be something that tries to ruin it, like a potential big blow-up. And sometimes it turns into… a big blow-up. What, is it the next level, Universe? What’s up, man?

There are times when I feel really good in the morning, but when it comes to the evening I just don’t know where the delicious feeling has gone to. Or the morning didn’t begin well but I did the work and raise my vibration to a good place by the end of the day, but I woke up the next day and my mind is full of confusing chatter. Most of the time, I don’t even realize that my vibration has gone down until sometime after it’s happened.

So I think it’s mighty important to set a strong intention, for example every morning I set the intention that I’m going to feel good. I’m going to let go, appreciate and meditate. Think only about what I want. Feel like I already have it. And if I hear whoever accidentally says something that brings up bad feelings in me, I can either turn my attention somewhere else or (if possible) interpret it in a way so that it means something good to me. And if a person wants to be difficult, walk away.

And for the rest of the day, whenever I remember my intention, or worse still I suddenly find myself in an angry, resentful, hating, feeling disrespected, or feeling stupid vibration, I make the decision again to feel good. I immediately let go of whatever I’m thinking about at the time (if possible).

But if you observe yourself closely, you’d know that when you’re in the middle of a huge RANT (whether verbally or mentally) it is extremely difficult to just drop it. The rant feels so right, doesn’t it? Somehow we seem to even like it. So if you’re in the middle of one, there may be nothing you can do but to be aware of it. That’s good enough. Let the rant runs its course. And if you just (first set your vibrational intention and then) make a conscious effort to catch and stop yourself each time before it happens, then over time you’d find yourself getting better and better at it. Until one day, you become a master (or mistress) of your vibration! Obviously it doesn’t work every time I do it, but I’m getting much closer if I do say so myself.

That’s It, For Today

Cheerio, but come back soon for the next installment in this really tough, but also really meaningful (at least to me) hero’s journey of mine. Take care, let me know below if you have any questions or comments, and thanks so much!

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