A 30-Day (Personal Development) Challenge, Day 28: How to Improve Your Vibration #3

Hi folks and welcome back, to this 30-day personal development challenge/spiritual journey that we’ve been riding on, together! I’m Clark as you well know, and before starting Day 28, you may have a look at my Day 27 activities and findings (if any). As we are almost at the end of this series, I am putting down here ‘how to improve your vibration’ tips and realizations that I’ve yet to share with you.

Letting Go – A Frightening Experience

Just close your eyes for a little while. Imagine handing over your financial matters to the Cosmos or Universe. Let it do with your finances what it will. A small voice may come up at the back of your mind: “What if it gets worse?!!! What if I lose some of what I have?!! What if my car suddenly breaks down?!! What if the Universe can’t do a good job?!!!

That’s how tightly we are holding on to our current situation. That’s the grip we have. The unknown scares us, so much. Letting go and letting the Universe take control is a truly frightening prospect. But from what I’ve learnt, from books and courses and gurus and personal experience, there is no other way. And do notice we are talking about the mind here. We’re not physically letting go of anything.

Here’s something that I started doing whenever I feel doubts that what I want is arriving any time now. I close my eyes, and I try to let go. I mentally release the grip that I have over my life. I think, “I hand over my (fill in the blank) to you (the Universe)”. I let go of how you are going to bring me my desire(s). I say “There are countless ways in which the Universe can bring me my desire. I’m going to stop wondering how and enjoy my life and the present moment, and leave everything to you.”

At night, I let go of my physical self before I fall asleep. I tell the Universe, “I leave my body in your hands. Do with it whatever you will. I surrender.” And when I do that, I can feel my body relaxing. And there is usually a subtle, calm, relaxed, nice feeling that fills my heart. And I usually sleep well after.

Enjoy Your Life Right Now

In my opinion, this is another form of letting go. You’ve asked for many things as you live life, whether consciously or unconsciously. Perhaps you’ve seen how longingly your partner looks at nice shoes at the shops. Then there is that desire born within you to be so rich that you can afford all the shoes she could ever want.

So you’ve already wished for many things, now just live with the knowledge that EVERYTHING is on its way to you, everything is moving in the right direction, and enjoy life now. Scan yourself for a moment to know some of the things that are on their way. You know what would make you incredibly happy right now, don’t you? It shouldn’t take more than a minute. These are the desires that have already been born in you. These are the things that are on their way, IF you could just let go and enjoy every minute of your present moment. Isn’t it exciting to know that these things are coming?

You don’t know how the Universe works, that’s the truth, you don’t. So don’t try to guess how it’s going to come, because the more you think about the how, the worse you feel, usually. Think about all the times you receive an unexpected gift, or unexpected money. Surprises feel much better than knowing you’re going to get a present, and knowing what it’s going to be (because it’s always those few things every year!). Trust me on this, when it comes unexpectedly it’s going to feel so inspiring, and you’d know that it’s you who has allowed it to happen by your letting go. And it’s always your doing – whatever has manifested in your life up until now is your doing.

OK, Your Turn Now

Your turn to let go. Try it and see if it feels as good as I described above. Stay tuned for the next chapter, and don’t hesitate to leave your questions and comments below. See you soon!

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