A 30-Day (Personal Development) Challenge, Day 29: How to Improve Your Vibration #4

Hello folks, and welcome BACK to my 30-day personal development challenge which I have found to be a very meaningful spiritual journey. Before starting Day 29, you may have a look at my Day 28 activities and findings (if any). This has been a series about ‘how to improve your vibration’, and mine. You may not have seen it, but this has been a wild and crazy ride for me. When one tries to improve one’s vibration dramatically, all kinds of crazy things can happen. From big blow-ups to mood swings (ranging from despair to elation), it has been a fantastic learning experience. And from this higher place of knowing what to do in every situation, I am determined to continue raising my vibration every single day after this series ends.

Let It Rip

You know what to do, you know how you want to feel, now just let it rip. I’m trying to do that, every time I remember to, myself. Meditate, because it is said to bring us everything we have ever asked for. And when you’re not ‘formally meditating’ in which you set aside a time and close your eyes just to meditate, whenever you could focus on your breath just like when you’re meditating. By doing that, you allow space for Source to enter. And that is how ‘connection with Source’ is established.

How do you know whether you’re doing this, any of this, right? By the way you feel. And if you’re feeling good you would know, for sure. There’s just no mistaking it. But sometimes it takes a while to come. You might need to focus on your breath for a while before you can start to enjoy yourself. But if you’ve done it before and experienced first-hand the wonderful feelings of it then you know it works. You would know that the peace and elation will come. You just have to keep at it for a while.

Live grateful and appreciative. Let go of your control of everything, by living with the knowledge that everything that happens is bringing you towards the life that you dream of – an epic life. If you can think in that manner, then you’d find it easier to overlook the bumps along the way. You may even be curious or excited about seeing how the ‘bad’ things that happened are going to turn around and lead you to the top. And if you think about it, there is nothing you control anyway. You think you exercise, you eat healthy, and you stay away from sharp things, so you’re guaranteed to live long? Think again. You can do everything ‘right’, and you can still be hit with a serious disease at any time.

Live in the present. Whenever you do anything, do it with your full attention. Feel the delicious feeling that comes with living life moment by moment.

When you catch yourself thinking about something that makes you feel bad, or just average, think instead about your dream, as if it’s already happened to you. Be grateful that you’re experiencing it right now. Make sure you feel good when you think about it. It is possible to think about your dream and feel bad. It could happen, because you’re thinking more about the fact that you don’t have it. So if that’s you, some adjustment is required. Maybe you can meditate. Maybe you can focus on feeling joy. Maybe you can do a gratitude/appreciation ‘rampage’. We’ve gone through quite a lot of methods in this series alone, so you can try them out.

One More Part to Go!!!

That’s it for today. Only one more day to go – be sure to read it! Thanks ever so much for your support on this series, and as always, let me know your questions and comments below. See you for the finale!!!

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