A 30-Day (Personal Development) Challenge, Day 4: A Manifest Money ‘Meditation’

Hey there girls and boys, gals and guys. What’s going on? I’m Clark, and a warm welcome back to my 30-day personal development challenge/case study. Before starting Day 4, you may have a look at my Day 3 activities and findings (if any). In these 30 days I am going to do whatever it takes to raise my vibration (good feelings) to a higher level than ever before, and today on Day 4 I will go through with you a manifest money ‘meditation’ that I’ve done.

I would rather use the term ‘meditation’ to mean stopping all thoughts, but I’ve seen online lots of people using ‘meditation’ to describe a session where we focus on what we want, so I think it’s OK. After all, it is just a word. If you remember, back on Day 0 I asked for the receiving of an unexpected lump sum of money. And I have not received it thus far so I thought, let’s do this exercise today.

Physical and Mental Preparation

I found myself with some spare time today and decided to do the ‘meditation’. I started to make sure I breathe. In, out, in, out… A lot of the times when I’m doing something I catch myself holding my breath. Maybe I’m just a naturally tense person. But anyway, I ‘practiced’ breathing while finishing up my chores for the day.

I started to be more aware of my thoughts and stop whatever negative train of thoughts that went through my mind. As always there was no need to get all worked up about it, whenever I caught myself in a train of negative thoughts, like thinking about something someone said that did not go down well with me and imagining myself saying something to that person, or imaginary (but unfounded) scenarios in which I don’t have what I want, I just stop myself and turn my attention to something positive instead, like imagining myself receiving an unexpected sum of money. This entire process took about 30 minutes? Give or take.

Then I just went into my room, locked it, and lied down on my wonderful bed. Turned on the air-conditioner because it is a hot day, but I didn’t keep it on for long (doing my part for the environment). Anyway, I continued breathing and relaxing my body, as well as observed neutrally any thoughts that came up without getting emotionally involved with any of them. In time, they subsided.

Allowing Thoughts Rather Than Making It Happen

I’m a big believer of allowing thoughts to come to us rather than trying hard to come up with them. The thoughts that came to us, did we think them, or did we receive them from somewhere? Either way, I find that when I’m truly relaxed and in a state of surrender, good, optimistic and exciting thoughts come to me, and vice-versa.

In this ‘meditation’, I guided the direction of my thoughts to money. My first thought was letting go of my grip on what-is (my current financial situation). When our financial situation has been at a certain level for some time we start to become comfortable with it, and afraid of letting the Universe bring us better things. We are more afraid of losing what we have than gaining what we want. So when we ‘meditate’ on wealth we usually begin from where we are and try to trace the steps to where we want to be, which means we are trying to work out the how. How are we going to get what we want from what-is right now? But actually what we have to do is go to a place where we already have what we want and have fun there, leaving it to the Universe to decide how to bring it to us.

So one of my first acts in the ‘meditation’ was to mentally release my grip on the current situation, and let the Universe take full control in bringing me all the money I want. And tell myself things like, “How exciting it would be to receive unexpected money”. These are some general thoughts that I was thinking to guide my ‘meditation’ along.

Not long after that, I was able to ‘think’ or receive more specific thoughts/images, such as myself telling a friend about my latest money ‘good luck’ or achievement. I did the best thing one can do when such thoughts occur; I kept my attention on that train of thoughts and let it run wild. I also imagined doing something I enjoy, and that’s it, without having any thoughts about money in that scenario. And if you think about it, rich people don’t think about money all that much, just like you and I don’t think much about how we can get money to buy drinking water or food. We know we have the money for that.

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Stay Tuned, Girls and Boys!

And that is it for today. I think this challenge is coming along well; I’m really getting into the hang of meditating every morning. Thank you for sticking with me day after day. I do hope you’re enjoying it! Please leave your questions and comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Till the next time. Thanks a lot!

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