A 30-Day (Personal Development) Challenge, Day 7: Taking Stock (and What is the Power of Intention?)

Hey there dear reader, how are you? I’m Clark, and welcome back to my 30-day personal development challenge/case study. Before starting Day 7, you may have a look at my Day 6 activities and findings (if any). My objective in these 30 days is to raise and maintain my vibration (good feelings) at a much higher level than ever before and today is sort of a taking-stock day, where I will briefly go through what I’ve done and achieved in this first seven days. And included in my taking stock is addressing the question: what is the power of intention?

What Have I Been Up To?

Reading Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth: Awakening to your Life’s purpose. My focus whilst reading it was not to memorize each and every important message conveyed in the book, but to enjoy and immerse myself in it. Because there is a truthfulness to the words of Tolle that makes me feel calm and inspired. And every time I put down the book, I am inspired to do the exercises recommended by Tolle in The Power of Now to become enlightened. Of course, I have put down some of my thoughts that I got whilst reading the book (see Day 5: Reading A New Earth: Awakening to your Life’s purpose).

If you’ve followed my journey from the start, you’d also know that I have been meditating. I have gotten into a good habit of meditating daily. There’s a saying that goes, even if you do nothing else with regards to self-improvement, meditate, and life will give you what you want. I don’t know how true that statement is, but I have already realized one of my goals that I listed down back on Day 0: Setting Goals and I think it might be down to meditation.

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What Have I Achieved?

Back on Day 0, I said that I’d like to experience an inspiring, goosebumps moment during a Formula One race, and it has happened. I have had the privilege of watching a brilliant and incredible qualifying session held in torrential rain. Right after the session ended, it suddenly struck me that I’ve just had one of my goals done, and that I started meditating the day before.

So just for fun I set some intentions for the next race, regarding who would finish in the top three and so on. And I’m going to continue meditating every day and see what happens next week. It might not be a ‘huge’ goal by some people’s standards, but I think it is fun to do and see it come to fruition unexpectedly.

I supposed setting tangible goals like this gives me a benchmark from which I am able to see whether I’m doing a good job in raising my vibration or not. That is the power of intention, I think. Seeing the goal or intention that I have set unfold before my eyes inspires me so much, lets me know that I am on the right track and keeps me motivated to continue improving myself.

Watch Out For The Next Part, Gals and Guys!

OK then, that’s it for today. Thank you for your company on this journey, and hopefully I am entertaining you! Keep an eye out for the next part in this series. If you have got any questions or comments for me, leave them below and I shall get back to you as soon as I can. Till the next time, thanks a lot!

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