A simple meditation with effect

Dear friends, good day! My name is Clark, and I realized I’ve not written a post on meditation for a while now, so let us go through together a simple meditation with effect (great effect, actually). You may find this similar to some of the other posts I’ve written on meditation (because there’re only so many ways we can meditate) but I think it’s good to refresh on what we know, and listen to yet another perspective on meditation. As I study more and more personal development materials, I feel like there are countless perspectives on meditation that I can share with you guys and gals.

Let’s Meditate Together…

So I listened to one of Abraham Hicks YouTube video about meditation a few days back, and it made quite an impact on me, either because of the clear way that it was presented or because I was feeling particularly inspired. So let me run through with you a typical effective meditation session. What follows below is inspired by what I gleaned from the Abraham Hicks video.

So I’ve written before that meditation is not a time where you try to think of a solution to a problem that you have. Instead it is time to chill. That’s right; it is the time to stop thought, and not to think about your problems or even the solutions to your problems. When you stop negative thoughts, you stop the thing that is holding you back. Because it is said all of us came from Source, Being, or All-That-Is. Source or Being is all happiness, optimism, inner peace, gratitude, clarity, endless energy and all of that good stuff. Negative thoughts have been likened to holding something light underwater. When you let go, it rises to the top of the water automatically.

But how do you stop thought? You put your attention on something else. Something that is constant and uninteresting. It could be the humming sound of your air-conditioner. Or your breathing, which is one advice you probably hear a lot.

Let Go and Let God…

It is important to relax when you’re meditating. If you feel your body is tense, consciously relax it. Gently put your attention on each part of your body then imagine the muscles there relaxing. One thing that might help you to relax is to think of surrendering to life, to let the meditation take you wherever it would. 

So put your attention on the thing that you’ve chosen, while in a state of relaxation and surrender, until you’re there. When you’re in that place where you’re connected with Source, when you’re flying high, when you don’t know the difference between your fingers and your toes, when you’re feeling elated, you’re meditating effectively. Stay in that state for a while, instead of rushing off to do something. That’s why it’s important to set aside a comfortable time to do this.

When you’re just coming out of meditation, you might receive an impulse to do something, or an idea that has never occurred to you before, or one that you’ve thought of in the past but didn’t think it is a good idea until now. You might want to follow that impulse and see where it leads you. And then the next time you meditate again follow the impulse you receive (if any) after your meditation. This is Source’s way of leading you to something you want.

Meditate, Meditate, Meditate…

This shouldn’t be something you do once and then forget about. Instead I think it should become a part of your lifestyle. It would take about 20 minutes per session? Maybe do it twice per day? Surely you can spare that amount of time each day for something that could turn your life around. Don’t meditate all day; in fact if you get frustrated trying to meditate it’s better if you go and do something else and then come back to it later.

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