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Hey there… and a very good day to all. I’m Clark, and I have recently written a piece on Jean Houston, one of the best personal development teachers out there. So I thought today we could learn more about Neale Donald Walsch, his story, as well as a bit of what he teaches. Neale is another prominent personal development teacher that I’ve enjoyed listening to very much. His free online seminars have given me a few insights into how to live life.


Neale was born in 1943 into a Catholic family. Before going into personal development, he worked as a radio station program director, as a newspaper managing editor, in marketing, and in public relations.

Neale’s story in personal development began at a time when his life was falling apart. According to Neale, his life before that was a bed of roses. Career, friends, relationships, money, health… he’d got them all figured out. However, when he was about 50 years old, he somehow lost the Midas touch. One thing after another started to go wrong. A fire destroyed all his things. He divorced, and was in an automobile accident where he wound up with a broken neck. He was very lucky to escape paralysis. After recovering, Neale was alone, unemployed and lived on the streets for a year.

Depressed, one night Neale asked God what it takes to make life work. What are the rules of life? Based on Neale’s account, he actually heard a voice in the room, instead of in his head. “God” asked him if he really wants to know the answers to the questions. Thus began his conversations with “God”, which translated to the Conversations with God book series. Neale did not think people were actually going to take him seriously, but he sent his first book to a few publishers anyway, and it became a bestseller. Neale has now published over 25 books.

What He Teaches

After his conversations with “God”, he understood life and began applying what he learned. Then life started to change almost overnight. Every aspect of life became wonderful, but as always the irony was he did not need those things anymore. When he stopped struggling, the energy changed and life began to improve with hardly any effort.

Two principles that Neale always talks about are: be the source, and see the perfection. I have elaborated a little on them here: Is Neale Donald Walsch a Fraud?

One thing you can do which could make what you want manifest (or manifest faster) is to release your expectations with regards to the timing of the manifestation, as well as how it is going to come to you and what it will look like when it finally arrives. For instance, if you expect that the mother of your children is going to be this woman and only this woman, then you shut yourself off from all the wonderful lovers waiting in the wings for you.

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