Aligning with the Law of Attraction in Life

Law of attraction – what you think about you will get. Obviously, that’s the ultra-short version. The essential thing is to align with the law of attraction in life so that it works for us rather than against. Actually, align might be the wrong word. The law is always working in our lives, so maybe the correct word is use it to our advantage.

The Law Brings More Of Everything Into Our Lives

Money, interesting experiences, lovers, good health, food, freedom, the law is said to work for all of them. So don’t be afraid to dream. There is nothing you can’t be, do or have.

It Is Working In Every Moment

Whether you are aware of the law or not, it is working. There is no escaping it. You can see the thoughts you’ve been thinking up until now by what you see in your life currently.

But the good news is, you can change it right in this moment. You can start to think different types of thoughts beginning now. Thoughts of optimism, thoughts of hopefulness, thoughts of happiness. When you keep thinking a thought in your mind, sooner or later, more thoughts like that will come to you. And then in time, you’ll notice physical changes beginning to occur. People you like, experiences you like, everything you like, showing up around you.

When you think a positive thought, if it is really a positive thought, you’ll feel positive emotions. There would be wonderful feelings coursing through you, whether it’s enthusiasm, happiness, passion, etc. You don’t have to make a quantum leap because that is difficult to do. When you’re thinking of someone or something you really hate, it is really difficult to go from there to pure joy. But you can try to think a better thought than just a moment ago, maybe what you’re having for dinner eh? If you can feel relief then you’ve probably thought of something better compared to just a moment ago. Or maybe don’t think of anything for a while, just breathe and pay attention to your breath going in and out of your body. Because you don’t even need to try to search for a positive thought to think, when you refuse to indulge in negative thoughts or you don’t think of anything at all you’ll find that positive thoughts begin occurring to you, naturally, before long.

The Basis of Manifesting Anything

There have been many manifestation tips and tricks I’ve heard of and shared with you on this website but the basis of it is just this: to believe that you have it, and you shall.

But the question is of course, how to believe that you have it, when you don’t? And a good answer is, manifest the emotions that are associated with the having of your desire and be satisfied with that. Don’t go feeling good for one minute, then turn around and ask “where is it?” Because the end goal of having the money, or lover, or health, or experiences you’re asking for is always for the rush that you’ll feel, or the satisfaction, or freedom, or joy.

The really good news is, it doesn’t take long for the physical changes to take place. So stop worrying about the time it will take to come. If you can make feeling good now your only goal the thoughts and actions that are necessary to take you to where you want to go will occur to you, or in certain cases there is nothing to be done. And when it comes it comes so thick and fast that you’ll wonder why you ever obsessed over it in the first place.

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If you’re fascinated with the law of attraction, below you’ll find another article I wrote about it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this one, please leave any questions or comments that you have in the comment box below, and until the next time, goodbye!

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