Another Self-help Journey Part 2: How to relax while working?

We look at improving our health today, because a good health enables us to enjoy whatever we are going to manifest so much more, you agree? How to relax while working is an important question, because we spend so much time at work, and because it is my belief that the highest vibration (feeling wonderful) has to be accompanied by a deep relaxation in mind and body, basically your entire being.

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Tensing Up While Working?

Do you ever feel your whole self tense up when you are working on something? I do it all the time, it’s like I’m afraid of making a mistake or something if I relax, or that what I’m working on is so important that I can’t relax.

It’s something that I have been trying to change. I’m trying to breathe naturally while I work, instead of holding my breath many times. I find myself holding my breath for example when I am typing this sentence, and only start breathing again once I finish the sentence.

When I try to breathe naturally while working I think there is the danger that I’m not concentrating on what I’m doing (but this could just be my bias). The best way to get around this could be to practice breathing naturally when I’m NOT working and when I’m doing simple things like watching YouTube videos or speaking to my family members or just standing around. You’ll be surprised at the situations in which I hold my breath, and I don’t even know why except that maybe it’s just habit.

It’s something worth training myself on, because I think not breathing naturally is making me really tired. Tiredness = Low vibration, it has been said. We are supposed to feel energized for the whole day, but even though I’ve been meditating I find myself feeling tired at the end of the day, or even in the afternoon. Not on the day of meditation though, when I meditate I usually feel energized or better for the next few hours at least so maybe I haven’t been meditating enough?

Being In The Moment

Put your full attention on what you’re doing. That may seem counter-intuitive, that may seem like it would cause more tiredness, but you may be using up a lot of energy thinking about other things while you’re working on this thing here and now. If you can put your full focus on what you’re currently doing, you would find that you finish up the task at hand quicker, you still feel energized at the end of it, and the quality of the work is better.

Another way to put this is to be fully conscious of what you’re doing, and you can do this not just at work but in every moment of your day. Fully enjoy closing your eyes and breathing while in your meditation. Wash the dishes like you’re bathing the baby Jesus. See the sunset. Hear and smell the rain. Really look at what your pet dog and/or cat is up to at the moment.

On To The Next Part!

Thank you for reading. By writing this, I really feel the inspiration to go practice all those things I suggested! I hope it does the same for you. Please leave your questions and comments below, and I shall see you in the next one!

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