Another Self-help Journey Part 3: Why do I attract negative people?

Hello folks, Clark here. Today, I continue this series by talking about something that has been on my mind recently: why do I attract negative people? Because I feel that people have been doing things that I don’t quite agree with recently, and that’s saying a lot considering it’s lock-down time at my place and so I have not been meeting that many people!

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The Unwanted Realization of the Truth

If you’ve been delving into self-help stuff for a while, you’d know that whatever happens to you is always your doing. Not nice to hear, though it’s something that I have begun to accept. Sort of.

Whether it is Abraham Hicks, Bob Proctor, Eckhart Tolle, Rhonda Byrne, Neale Donald Walsch or Jean Houston, they will never tell you to go around fixing other people but instead it’s always your thoughts and your vibration that is at fault! You are the one who offers that particular vibration (state of being/emotions) and putting yourself in that compromising position.

In a way, this should make me feel better. Because then I have the power to change my life through my thinking. Because by thinking positive thoughts I feel better. My vibration rises when I think thoughts of success, of love, of appreciating something or someone. When I am feeling passion about what I’m doing now. When I’m looking forward to something.

So What To Do, What To Do?

So I have already told you :). Think thoughts that make you feel better. When you are angry about something someone did, you probably won’t be able to think a grateful or appreciative thought right away. So take it step-by-step. Reach for a thought that improves the way you feel. Maybe you want to think about that tennis match that you’re going to watch later live on TV. Maybe you want to think about someone you like a lot. Maybe you would like to think about your pets and how they never let you down.

But don’t be upset with yourself if sometimes you don’t feel good. Nobody is joyful all the time. This is all part of life. It’s OK, it’s alright, it’s what you think and feel now that determines what or who comes next. Nothing can change the past.

Don’t keep mulling over these people or meetings that don’t please you. If you do, then you are making yourself go through the bad experience once again, but this time it is certainly your fault. You are effectively giving permission to that person to cause you unhappiness once more.

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Because I have lots more to share with you. I hope you are enjoying this new series, and please let me know if there is something you think I can improve upon. Thanks very much, and I shall see you in the next one!

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