Another Self-help Journey Part 4: How to feel better when down?

Hello folks and welcome back to my website. This is Clark (who else?). Today I really want to talk about how to feel better when down. Because I’ve been having those moments lately, and by putting down my experiences here maybe I can help you and myself to reduce those moments in the near future.

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Watch/Listen to Inspiring Videos

I have been feeling under the weather, confused and worried about this and that (such as not switching off the lights at night), and then having to check that I have done so repeatedly. As I write this out, I think the Universe might be telling me that I have trust issues. Trusting the Universe to take care of my health, and to bring me what I desire.

One thing I tried to do is watch self-help videos on YouTube. Abraham Hicks videos is a good source of pick-me-ups. If you are new to Abraham Hicks you might need some time to get what she is saying (and why does it seem like she is repeating the same thing over and over again?).

I also read past articles of mine (not to brag but some of them are really inspiring – wow, how did I ever get the inspiration, the divine guidance to write something like that?). There must have been guidance from some higher power because there is no way I could have come up with some of the things I wrote. OK, enough bragging.

Take A Break

And meditate. It is a sure way to feel (much) better. But I find that it takes a bit of time, so make sure to put aside ample time for this. The trouble is the less good I feel, the more I find it HARD to just let go of all my problems and just lie down paying attention to just my breathing.

But I remind myself that meditation will connect me with the highest vibration, the vibration of the Divine.

But one needs to really focus on his/her breathing, and not obsess over problems while meditating. Really let go. Leave your problems to the Universe to take care of them, it’s now time to be conscious of your breathing and let your vibration rise to its natural vibration of joy and love.

Even if you are feeling alright, it’s a good practice to meditate daily. It is said to get you everything you want, because the way for what you want to come to you is to maintain a high, joyful, appreciative, vibration.

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Got To Go Meditate

Have to go now, but perhaps you can try to meditate a little today and let me know how it goes. I know I will. I want to feel really good today, and every day after this. Let me know if you have any questions or comments below, and I shall see you in the next one!

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