Another Self-help Journey Part 5: How to feel better when you are sick

Hi there, Clark here, and we continue this new series today starting with a question: Do you know how to feel better when you are sick? I think I have the answer, and the only thing left to do is to execute it properly.

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The Curing of Stroke?

I’ve been feeling under the weather lately, with mild, long-lasting rashes and tiredness due to lack of quality sleep. Back muscle ache. Stomach not feeling 100%. It could be due to me meditating less in recent times. But I have been picking the habit up again, and hopefully my health would get better quickly.

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There has been incredible accounts of what meditation can do for one. Chief among them, which I recently heard, is the curing of stroke! A person who suffers from stroke gets up and is able to walk around! So if that doesn’t motivate me to close my eyes for at least 20 minutes each day and just be conscious of my breathing in these times of slightly sub-par health, I guess nothing would.

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Am I Getting Exactly What I Need?

So I don’t really know why this prolonged rashes thing is happening to me, but I am trusting that the Universe is bringing me exactly what I want in a roundabout way. From my past experiences with manifesting, it is never a straightforward thing. It goes here, and then there, and then one day, in a stroke of intuition, I realize what it is all about. Those are some wonderful moments indeed.

I did remember wanting to be connected to the Divine on a continuous basis. Feeling good all the time, but I haven’t achieve that. Maybe this is the Divine’s way of making sure I meditate daily, who knows? If meditation can cure even strokes, who knows what a prolonged connection with the Divine can do for someone like me, whose health currently is not in any way seriously impaired?

I have found that the Universe always gives you exactly what you need in order to advance in life. It could be sending you certain people, or putting you in certain situations, and it’s up to you to respond, whether it is meditating more, or feeling grateful, or letting go, or something else.

I Have Gotten Lazy

But I have not been meditating regularly these days, and when I do the quality hasn’t been that good. Meaning when I meditate, I haven’t been focusing completely on my breath going in and out my body. Perhaps it’s the busy lifestyle, perhaps it’s the health thing. But no more, I am determined to meditate regularly and meditate effectively from today. Feel free to leave any questions or comments that you have in the comment box below, and I will see you in the next one.

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