Another Self-help Journey Part 6: Foods that raise your vibration

Hello everyone, Clark here. Today we continue the next installment of this series. Do you know if there are foods that raise your vibration? Is it all in the mind? Or could healthy foods actually make you feel better?

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I Stay Away From Cabbage

Yes, that’s right. I realize that some foods do make my stomach feel not-so-good. My body feels full of wind after eating it. But whether this is a mindset or belief initiated in my subconscious by well-meaning people and reinforced over the years or whether this is real I cannot confirm with you. Perhaps this mindset over time caused my body to have real physical reaction to eating cabbage.

Sometimes you just need to go with what works. And so I stay away from foods that don’t make me feel good after eating it. Besides cabbage, I stay away (more or less) from junk food, alcohol, carbonated drinks, all those foods that experts term unhealthy.

Perhaps as I do more and more self-help practices my body would undergo the necessary changes to be able to handle taking such foods. Or perhaps my appetite for such foods would lessen. Who knows, the Universe works in mysterious ways.

Technology has come a long way

That now one can meditate just by listening to an audio. I still think that ultimately, meditating without the aid of such technology is better. Meditating with the help of audios can give one multiple health and brain power benefits, but to establish connection with the Divine, which in my opinion is the greatest benefit of meditation, I rely on the traditional do-it-yourself method that I think has been around since the world began. However, the audios are wonderful for meditation beginners.

Subliminal and hypnosis audios are also incredibly creative and useful self-help tools that are great supplements to whatever you’re already doing in terms of personal development. Everything you need is contained within these audios, and all you have to do is listen and follow-along.

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Are You Enjoying This So Far??

By writing this series, I am finding the motivation to intensely practice self-help in these few days. I hope it does more or less the same for you. If there is something you want to ask or tell me, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. If you have any suggestions to make this series better, please also let me know your ideas below. Until the next time, cheerio!

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