Another Self-help Journey Part 8: What is the EASIEST way to get rich quick

Hello, and welcome back to this series. I’m Clark, hopefully you know my name by now :), and today I want to talk about what is the easiest way to get rich quick. Although people say that money is not everything, it cannot be denied that a bit more money can make one’s life more comfortable. Money is a tool, and if we learn to use it instead of the other way around, then it is a good thing.

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The Relationship Between HAPPINESS and MONEY

You know how when you are optimistic and full of energy good news seem to come to you easily? Or sometimes when you are angry you accidentally kick something and hurt yourself? There seems to be no relation at all between the events I just mentioned. But I have learned from experience that there might be something in it.

Joy brings all that you want. That is something that the self-help gurus I respect say. If you doubt it, the best way to verify this is to try it for yourself. How, you ask? Each day, maybe before you fall asleep or just after you wake up, close your eyes and imagine that you already have what you want. It doesn’t have to be your OVERALL financial or health state. You don’t need to have all the details. Just what feels wonderful to you right in that moment?

So if what feels good to you in that moment is being somewhere (since now after a year of Covid-19 everyone seems to be getting restless and wanting to start traveling again) then just imagine that you’re there in some place doing something now. You don’t have to know how it can happen. You don’t have to go through the entire process in your mind if it doesn’t feel good: “How much do I need to save? What vaccine do I take? Even if I am vaccinated, my country hasn’t allow international travel. How long do I need to wait? Looks like I’m not going to be there anytime soon. What’s even the point of imagining all this?” And on and on and on. Just be there already, in your mind of course, and do the stuff that would make you happy assuming you’re there.

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The Relationship Between MEDITATION and WEALTH

Closing your eyes and think of nothing for half an hour each day. And wealth will flow to you. WHAT!!? Are you kidding me?

Again, try it for yourself and see the power this brings. The thought that is going through your head now is, how does clearing my mind lead to more money?

The theory is: Everything we want is on its way to us. But our beliefs about money, about relationships, about struggles, about hard work, are stopping them from coming. So if you can stop thinking anything even for a while, you deactivate the resistance you have towards your life transforming dramatically. And then you’ll see, it doesn’t take very long, the physical evidence of it.

Clear your mind each day, and you’ll start to receive thoughts and guidance from the Divine, the Universe, on what you must do to get what you want, IF there is something to be done. Because based on my experience, sometimes there is nothing to be done. I meditate today, maybe later or tomorrow I receive some unexpectedly good news. That’s it, really. Let the Divine guide you rather than you having to come up with the ideas, the inspiration, the know-how. Where do ideas and inspiration come from anyway? How does one come up with them? You don’t, really. You relax, and they come to you.

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I hope this has been an entertaining read, and if you have any questions for me be sure to leave a comment below. I got to take my leave now, but stay tuned for the next part in the series!

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