How to unlock your Feminine Power!

Hey guys and gals, welcome to my page. If you’re currently frustrated at the huge and many differences between the possibilities that you sense for yourself and how life actually shows up, or if you feel like something is wrong with you at the moment or your life in general but couldn’t quite place the … Read more

Unlock Your Feminine Power, by Claire Zammit

Hey everyone, what’s up? I’m Clark of Self Help Books, and this page is where I am going to give you an introduction to the free webinar titled Unlock your Feminine Power by Claire Zammit. Before I get into that, a little story: Not too long ago I came across something called “age-defying dream cream”. … Read more

What is enlightenment?

Hello everyone, Clark here and welcome to my site. You might think that today’s topic is synonymous with Buddhism, but read on and you’ll find out really what is enlightenment. It is my belief that enlightenment applies to everyone and it is my wish that you get something out of this post. Enlightenment and Buddhism … Read more

Astrology Answers – What Do People Say About It?

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How to be HAPPIER in life

Good morning everyone, my name is Clark and I have a topic to share with you today. It’s about how to be happier in life as you can see in the title. Some of the biggest regrets of the terminally ill include wishing that they had the courage to live a life that is true … Read more

How to Increase Energy NATURALLY

Dear reader, how are you? My name is Clark and I welcome you to my site. How would you like to experience sustained fire and keep yourself operating at your highest energy level throughout even the most challenging days? In the paragraphs that follow, I’m going to be discussing with you how to increase energy … Read more REVIEWS

Hey guys and gals, welcome to my page. There is a high demand on the Net for reviews; and here is my take. is, of course, the website where you can purchase the No-BS Manifesting Course by the Inspire3 team, who is also behind the popular Zen12 meditation program, Subliminal360, among others. But … Read more

How to Relax Your Mind and Thus Your Body

Hey everyone, what’s up? Clark here. Here on this page we’ll be having a discussion on how to relax your mind, and thus your body as well. There are proven ways to relax your body but you should know that mind and body is so interconnected that we cannot really talk about one without mentioning … Read more