Bring Romance Back Into Your Marriage

OK. I know there’s a lot of articles on the Internet giving you tips to bring romance back into your marriage. Advice like spend more time with each other, compromise, blah blah blah. This article will take a different direction. After all, this website is about self-help, about using the power of the mind to magnetize what we want to us, about aligning our vibration with Universal forces and receive all the good that is available to us at all times. So you can already guess where this article is heading with this topic.

Like You’ve Just Met

So you’ve been married for some time and is finding the spark missing. If you think hard back to when you were newlyweds, or newly boyfriend-and-girlfriend, what has changed?

Let me venture to say, in my humble opinion, that it is the positive expectation that is missing. When you travel to a place you’ve wanted to visit for a long time, or perhaps you’re just taking a break from your job for a week or so and going somewhere, you have positive expectations. Expectation that you’ll have a really good time, expectation of relaxation or having fun, expectation to feel awe and wonder at what you’ll be seeing, expectation to be surprised. And the Universe always deliver, does it not? A big part of that is because you don’t take notice of the negatives.

The same goes for when you were dating. There is such anticipation for the next time you meet. And even if something goes a little awry during your date, there was no negativity. You both had a laugh over whatever it was and moved on.

If you can start off your day with some positive expectations, expectation of fun, expectation of happiness, expectation of romance, expectation of passion, and then look for the evidence of that as you go about your day, you may start to see changes in your partner. Like magic. Of course, having a positive expectation might also lead you to feel more inclined to make an effort, though it won’t feel like an effort when you’re feeling positive like that.

Appreciation is closely tied to positive expectation. With positive expectation comes a willingness to overlook anything ‘wrong’ that happens during your day. In my humble opinion, appreciation is only giving attention to the good, much like when your relationship was new. There was no judgment, no small-mindedness, no boredom, all smiles, all excitement and all good. So of course, if you appreciate your partner like that then for sure things can only improve between the two of you.

Wishing You Awesome Romance Right Now!

Whether you agree with me or not, I hope you had fun reading this. It’s my belief that it’s not just romance in marriage that can utilize positive expectation. Other areas in your life can also benefit from you having a positive expectation of it first thing in the morning when you awake. Please do not hesitate to leave your questions and comments below. Thanks a lot!

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