What is Brainwave Shots?

Hello there, I’m Clark. If you are here on this page that means you want to know what is brainwave shots. These are audios that you listen to, to get yourself into a particular state of mind. There are many brainwave shots that have been created, and you can get five of them for free. … Read more

What is NLP Hero?

Hello folks, and welcome to this page where I (Clark), your friendly neighborhood self-help friend will go through what is NLP Hero with you. This personal development tool put together by Inspire3 can make you more confident, help you release a fear or phobia, lose weight, you name it. N-L-P? NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming. … Read more

How to become more intelligent and creative

Hello folks, and welcome to my site! I’m Clark, how are you?, and here on this page we are going to discuss the topic how to become more intelligent and creative. Embody Him or Her There are two parties (at least) that I know of that employ this technique, so there might just be something … Read more

Is hypnosis a scam?

Hello everyone, this is Clark, your friendly neighborhood self-help friend. Hypnosis has been long used for medical applications and to re-pattern the way one thinks. But it doesn’t seem ‘normal’, maybe even a little bit freaky, though in some ways there has been a lot more acceptance with regards to these kinds of mumbo-jumbo since … Read more

What the Raikov Effect is About?

Welcome, folks, to my website! I’m Clark, and below we are going to look at what the Raikov Effect is about. This is yet another product from the Inspire3 team, who has came up with such powerful tools for self-development already, such as Zen12 meditation, Subliminal Guru and Subliminal360, Hypnosis Live and Hypnosis Bootcamp, and … Read more

What is Hypnosis Bootcamp?

Hello there, I’m Clark. For years, I’ve been a loyal supporter of the self-help tools that Inspire3 produce (such as Zen12, Subliminal Guru, Hypnosis Live, Manifesting.com), and they have recently come up with another one: Hypnosis Bootcamp. On this page let me take you through what is Hypnosis Bootcamp, and before you moan about having … Read more

Building the foundation of a better life

Hello, it’s Clark here. How has your day gone on so far? If it’s not gone too well, you’re in the right place. Below I’m going to talk about laying the foundation of a better life. And you might need to work on it a bit in the beginning, but it will get easier. You … Read more

Aligning with the Law of Attraction in Life

Law of attraction – what you think about you will get. Obviously, that’s the ultra-short version. The essential thing is to align with the law of attraction in life so that it works for us rather than against. Actually, align might be the wrong word. The law is always working in our lives, so maybe … Read more

How to learn to let go of the past?

Hey there, how are you feeling today? I’m Clark, and today let us look at how to learn to let go of the past. Many people can’t help remembering events where someone has wronged, or took advantage of, or were just being plain nasty to them, and then feeling a strong negative emotional charge from … Read more

How to Change Negative Thinking to Positive

Hello everyone, how are you doing? Welcome to my site for new visitors, and welcome back to all returning ones! On this page here I want to talk about how to change negative thinking to positive. You might have heard that when you think positive, life will begin to work for you rather than against … Read more