Eckhart Tolle vs Abraham Hicks

Hello there. How have you been? My name is Clark, and today I want to take a look with you on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle vs Abraham Hicks. Both are masters whose teachings I have experienced and enjoyed recently. I have read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, which my “Enlightenment” series is based … Read more

More Personal Development Ideas during Covid-19

Hey girls and boys, how are you all? I’m Clark, and not too long ago I wrote two articles titled what you can do during a Covid-19 lockdown, in which I suggested you immerse yourself in personal development, and how to study personal development effectively, where I elaborated on some of the tips (or tricks) … Read more

How to Feel Good About Monday

Good morning, folks! I’m Clark, and this is somewhat of a sequel to: 3 steps to achieve your goal. In the aforementioned post, we looked at the 3 steps, based on The Secret and Abraham Hicks’ lessons, which you may follow to manifest a desire. And at the heart of it is think good-feeling thoughts. … Read more

How to study personal development EFFECTIVELY

Good morning, gals and guys. As always, I’m Clark. Recently, I wrote a piece which contains some suggestions on what you can do during a Covid-19 lockdown in order to put your time to good use. I recommended watching YouTube videos on Abraham’s teachings (presented by Esther Hicks), plus reading (or re-reading) personal development books. … Read more

3 Steps to Achieve Your Goal

Good morning, people. How are we all today? I hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe. During this time of lockdown and quarantine, let’s spend some time cleaning up our thoughts and engage in some self-improvement. What do you say? Whether you are a fan of The Secret (by Rhonda Byrne), or Ask and … Read more

How to be enlightened – A heavy discussion!

Top of the morning to you, my friends. What’s going on? My name is Clark, and today we are going to be discussing a heavy topic :). We are going to learn how to be enlightened! The conventional thought is that enlightenment is a concept that is only associated with Buddhism. But that cannot be … Read more