DEEP Romantic Love quotes

Love makes the world go round, that’s how the saying goes. But over time, relationships can become stale and we can all do with a reminder of why we fell in love in the first place. Here are some DEEP romantic love quotes to remind you to always have love in your heart. “You are … Read more

How to stop being shy

What’s up, folks? Welcome (back???) to my site, and I love it that you visit. Obviously, you want to know how to stop being shy if you’re on this page, and rest assured below I will share with you everything I know about it. Everyone Is On Their Own Journey The first thing to know … Read more

How to stop anger

Hello there, I’m Clark. Welcome (back?) to my site. On this post we are going to explore how to stop anger. I’m talking about the times when you got into a disagreement with someone, and the longer the conversation goes on you feel more and more anger welling up inside you, and you know, you … Read more

How to avoid certain people

Do you find that you keep on having to meet (like in a family gathering) the same person who annoys you, or no matter where you go you rendezvous with the same kinds of people with similar characteristics? Wishing that wouldn’t keep happening to you? On this post we look at how to avoid certain … Read more