Love Series #1 – What is a Soulmate?

Good day, guys and gals. My name is Clark, and I’m starting a series of articles sharing my take on love, soulmates, and relationships in general. Up until now I’ve mainly written on other topics like meditation, wealth and happiness, so I think it might be a good idea for us to have discussions on … Read more

Love, Sex and Relationships

Hey there everyone, I think the above topic, of love, sex and relationships, is a popular one not just with women of all ages, but with men as well. And ever since I was bitten by the love bug for the first time, I have been fascinated to hear what people have to say about … Read more

What is Tantric Massage About?

Good morning people, this is Clark here from Self Help Books. What is tantric massage about? What an exciting question! Let me first give you an introduction to tantra or tantric massage, then at the end of the page I’ll share about where you can learn tantra massage. Tantra Massage!! Tantric massage is a form … Read more