Psalm Isadora TANTRA Massage course

Update: This course is unavailable at the moment from my website. See A beginner’s guide to TANTRA instead. Hey guys and girls, Clark here from Self Help Books. Let’s talk about the Psalm Isadora Tantra MASSAGE course today. Tantra or tantric massage was created from the belief that if you are sexually happy and relaxed then your … Read more

A beginner’s guide to TANTRA

Mention tantra, and you would probably imagine exotic lovemaking for hours to sitar music and on an oriental rug. However, tantra actually covers all aspects of life, including health, belief and philosophy. Tantric sex is the sexual side of tantra, but people have come to understand the two terms as synonymous. Read on for a beginner’s … Read more

The Soulmate Secret, by Arielle Ford – Manifesting love into your life with the Law of Attraction

Book, Author: The Soulmate Secret, by Arielle FordWho is it for: For those looking for their soulmateCheapest place to buy: Amazon.comPrice: $9.99 onwardsRating: 90 out of 100 (Highly recommended!) The Soulmate Secret, by Arielle Ford guides you in letting go of past hurts and manifesting love into your life today. Written in a way that … Read more