What is Reprogram.ME?

Hello there, Clark here as usual. How are you doing with your self-help journey? Since you’re here, I’m guessing you could use a hand. You might be very close, so don’t give up now. Today, I will introduce Reprogram.ME to you, my wonderful website visitor. What’s that you ask? What is Reprogram.ME? To give you … Read more

How to Manifest Financial Freedom

What’s up, gals and guys? I am Clark, the author for this website. Here on this page we are going to look at how to manifest financial freedom, which is a topic close to the hearts of most people, I am sure. I’ve written a Manifesting Money Meditation script just recently and you are most … Read more

Manifesting Money Meditation

Hello all my loyal readers, how have you been? Clark here, the founder and author for this website. Today I invite you to join me as I take you on a manifesting money meditation journey. Wealth is the biggest concern in life for most human beings and I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say … Read more

How to Feel Good About Money

Good day everybody. My name is Clark. Today’s article is related to my previous articles: 3 steps to achieve your goal and how to build wealth on a low income. In them, I talked about how we must feel good about money before they can come to us. But, the big question is how to … Read more

Free Financial Freedom Webinar, by Lynne Twist and Tammy White

Hey everyone, how are you? I am Clark, and this post/article of mine will introduce you to Lynne Twist and Tammy White financial freedom webinar. It’s titled “Discover the 3 Prosperity Mindset Shifts, Tools and Practices that Unlock Financial Freedom”, and it’s free. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go. … Read more

How to achieve Financial Freedom

Good morning everyone, I’m Clark. The above subject matter is something that has been a source of headache to adults around the world. How many people could afford to leave their jobs this very minute and have enough money to last them until the end of their lives? How to achieve financial freedom is probably … Read more