How to VISUALIZE Effectively – Turn Your Dreams Into Reality


Visualization – a lot of self-help books and teachers ask you to do it. It is a way of turning your dreams into reality. However, you need to know how to visualize effectively for it to really work.  

But first, how does visualization change your life?

How Can Visualization Change Your Life?


Most people in this world are on the beaten path, simply drifting along in life. You might notice that your friends (and maybe you too) remain very much the same after many years.  

You may be one of the few who has decided to stop drifting and start living the life that you really want. And that you will not have any regrets at the end of your life. If so… Congratulations. You have taken the first step in living the life of your dreams.

If you have invested lots of money and time into various personal development programs, or tried to do it yourself without much in the way of results – perhaps it is time to give visualization a try?


Someone I know practiced visualization in the days before a very important public presentation. It was on a topic in which she does not have much experience. Furthermore, she has never presented to such a large audience before. Needless to say she did not have the confidence for the task. Finally the anxious day came and she did the presentation. Well, guess what? She wasn’t very nervous and the delivery went smoothly – a few people even came up to her after the presentation to say she did terrific. Now what makes that possible?

I do not know WHY it works. Perhaps visualizing your goal inspires you to consistently take actions that lead you towards that goal. Perhaps it’s just the way the universe works – you know, like gravity. All I know is that it does work.

Visualization will not feel like a huge effort or hard work because (if you do it right) you will feel real joy and all the other great feelings that come when you achieve your dreams. In other words, you’ll enjoy the process so much that it hardly feels like an effort to you. And once you master the art of visualization, and visualizing effectively becomes second nature to you, manifesting your dreams into reality would be incredibly easy and lightning quick!!

“I am so happy and grateful now that…”



Before you can start visualizing, you need to know what it is that you really want. If you’re not very sure what your dreams are, sit down immediately – don’t put it off, don’t look for something else to do – and really think about what kind of life would give you the most joy.  

Write down your goals. I can’t explain why writing them down works so well, but it does. So my advice is to go with what works🙂. Don’t swim against the current.

Write it in the format above – I am so happy and grateful now that *what is your desire*. For instance, “I am so happy and grateful now that I am financially able to quit my job, have a hundred thousand dollars in the bank, and have found a fun way to earn a passive income of $….. per month. Be specific with what you want. “I am so happy and grateful now that I am rich and successful” is probably too general. Look at your goals often.

You can also maintain a vision board. Say your dream is to own a triple-storey house. Obtain a photo or picture of the house you want to own, cut it out and paste it on a cardboard or wall. By looking at the pictures frequently you speed up the manifestation process.


Prepare a Visualization Script


A visualization script is like a script of the movie you are going to produce – in your mind. It simplifies the visualization process considerably.

Below your goal, simply note down a few elaborations to give your imagination a little nudge in the right direction. For example,

“Dad has just recovered from his illness and now we are in Bali – having a buffet breakfast at the Pullman Hotel. I am sitting with Mom and Dad at a round table. We are talking and laughing. I feel so much joy.

Suddenly, I see *a dear friend* with her mom and sister. I smile and raise my hand, pleasantly surprised, and go over to say hi. I am happy and grateful. Life couldn’t be any better.”

Here’s another one:

“We are in the café near my workplace. It is 7.45 in the morning. She is keeping me company before I leave for work. Her adoring eyes are looking at me, and she is caressing my arm.

Every moment is precious for her as I have to leave for work soon. She said that she misses me already. I feel happy and content.”

The Visualization Process


Read your dream that you have written down, look at your vision board and visualization script. We are ready to begin.

Find a quiet place where you wouldn’t be disturbed. Dim or off the lights. You can have some soft music in the background. However, it is advised that you do not visualize lying down on the bed. Not only will you fall asleep, you will not be able to act out the scene lying down on the bed as sitting up.

Close your eyes – and breathe deeply for a few minutes to get your mind and body relaxed. Try to focus on your breathing so that you would clear your mind from all random thoughts. Actually, this is what you call meditation (and here’s a simple meditation technique that you can do). It’s important to be as relaxed as possible – physically and mentally – when you visualize.

Now ease yourself into the vision of your goal. Imagine yourself as already in the possession of your goal.

If your goal is to have a certain amount of money, visualize going to an ATM and check your account balance – and watch as the first number followed by all those zeros shows up on the screen. See yourself living where you want to live, buying things you want to buy, and having a private jet or yacht. Visualize the life you would live if you have that much money.


Look around you and take in your surroundings. Where are you? Who else is there? Wander over and have a chat with them🙂. Act it out. Look for more details to make the picture clearer. What’s the weather like? What are you wearing? Take the time to notice and feel the texture of your clothes, the temperature of the room, and any other details you see when you look around.

Make the pictures in your mind as tangible and real and vivid as you can.

If done correctly your eyes should be closed, your face expressive such as breaking into a smile and your hands move like in real conversation.

You are effectively planting new memories into your subconscious – so if you make this memory even more vivid than a real one you will inevitably see strong results.


The Key to Manifestation


To succeed with visualization, you must generate the same feelings and emotions that you would have if you had already accomplished your goals.

You absolutely must induce feelings into your vision – otherwise your goal remains only an imagined one. Your subconscious mind ‘speaks’ in emotions. It doesn’t understand much of anything else. So the more often you create powerful feelings, the more often you are speaking to your subconscious mind. Feeling gives life to your vision and starts the growth of your dream into material form. So whenever you visualize, feel happy, enthusiastic, optimistic, grateful. Think about what it means to have finally won and become all that you ever wanted to be – and the feelings will come to you.

The more details of your vision you see, the easier it will be for you to produce that feeling. Also, the more real the image of your dream in your mind, the easier you will be able to introduce positive feelings into your vision.

By the way, you should visualize in the 1st person perspective – see that you have achieved your dream through your own eyes. Visualizing in the 3rd person would be seeing from outside your body. You are the observer, watching yourself.

You could, of course, experiment with both types of visualization. However, you would find that being in the 1st person to be more real and generates strong, intense emotions. Being the observer may move you away from experiencing your feelings.

Again, the stronger the feelings you generate, the better and faster the manifestation of your dream.

Visualize one goal at a time if you have more than one.


How often and how long should you visualize?


Each day, set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour to visualize. You’ll need to allow yourself some time to relax and let go. As mentioned above, it’s important to be as relaxed as possible – physically and mentally – when you visualize.

If you have learnt how to visualize effectively, you will begin to see small improvements within a week or so. If you continue to work at it, within a month you will experience some really significant changes in your life.

To see quicker results, visualize as often as you like – do what feels right for you.

By the way, Hypnosis Live has a hypnosis audio session called “Visualization Success”. While you listen, powerful hypnotic commands and NLP exercises will work with your subconscious mind, enabling you to see your goals clearly and distinctly, and project your deepest desires and strongest urges into crystal-clear visualizations. If you would like to know more, then follow this link here. Else…


That would be all from me today. If you have enjoyed or found this post to be useful you can share it with others, and if you have any questions or comments in regards to visualization just let me know in the comment box below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks so much for reading!


MAGIC IN YOUR MIND, by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher (and Mary Morrissey)

 magic-in-your-mind-by-bob proctor-and-sandy-gallagher

Product: Magic in Your Mind
Who is it for: Anyone looking to improve his/her life
Where to buy:
Price: $497
Guarantee: 60-day money back guarantee
Rating: 90 out of 100 (Highly recommended!)

Hey everyone, Clark here from Self Help Books. Today I want to bring your attention to a special intensive coaching program that could bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Its name is Magic in Your Mind, by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher (and Mary Morrissey).

Developing your higher mental faculties


Magic in Your Mind attempts to let you discover and develop your six mental faculties – Imagination, Intuition, Will, Memory, Reason, Perception. As said by Wallace Wattles, who wrote The Science of Getting Rich, no other form of life was given these creative faculties except human beings.

magic-in-your-mind-by-bob proctor-and-sandy-gallagher-4

Imagination – is the faculty of forming mental images and sensations that are not perceived through senses such as sight, hearing, etc. It is the first step in manifesting your heart’s desires. Everything is first an image. This mental faculty is underrated, but once you understand and apply your imagination correctly you will be able to easily create new levels of success in your life.

magic-in-your-mind-by-bob proctor-and-sandy-gallagher-5

Intuition – is that inner knowing – that still and small voice that always speaks the truth. Once you develop this powerful mental faculty, you will be able to use it to have confidence in quick decision-making, and approach stressful situations with a calm confidence that produces success.

magic-in-your-mind-by-bob proctor-and-sandy-gallagher-6

Will – is the mental faculty that gives you the ability to hold one idea on the screen of your mind to the exclusion of all outside distractions. When you learn how to hold onto the vision of your desired outcome (what you truly want) to the exclusion of obstacles and current circumstances, your life will dramatically improve.

magic-in-your-mind-by-bob proctor-and-sandy-gallagher-7

Memory – is so much more than just a mental movie reel of your past. Memory can also be used to create “forward memories” – a present-day memory of an event, which has yet to manifest in the material world.

magic-in-your-mind-by-bob proctor-and-sandy-gallagher-3

Reason – gives you the ability to think properly. The power of reason comes when you are really ready to believe – not think or even know, but believe – that your thoughts and your ingenuity could bring forth something extraordinary. 

magic-in-your-mind-by-bob proctor-and-sandy-gallagher-8

Perception – even when you are facing what seems to be the worst circumstance ever, remember that nothing in this world is good or bad – it just is. “The best case scenario is always available.” When we use perception to our advantage, we can see and take advantage of opportunities that are otherwise invisible.

A bit regarding our three presenters..


Bob Proctor is widely considered to be one of the greatest speakers in the world on the topic of getting rich. Once a high-school dropout with a resume of dead-end jobs and a future clouded in debt, Bob’s life turned around after reading the classic Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. In a year, he was making more than $100,000, and he soon surpassed the $1,000,000 mark. Bob now travels the world, teaching thousands of people how to believe in and act upon the greatness of their own minds. One of the world’s master thinkers and achievers, his delivery is equally outstanding.

He’s also the first person you see in the movie The Secret🙂.

Sandy Gallagher was a corporate attorney for over 21 years with expertise handling billions of dollars in mergers, acquisitions and capital raising transactions. She first met Bob in 2006 and immersed herself in his teachings and programs – and her personal and professional success skyrocketed. Sandy and Bob then joined forces to create the most powerful corporate transformational program of its kind, Thinking into Results.

Now, as President and CEO of LifeSuccess Productions, Sandy shares international speaking stages with Bob and works closely with Bob and a team of professionals who provide coaching, training and consulting on Bob’s core materials. LifeSuccess Productions is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and operates globally.

Mary Morrissey has been a speaker, best-selling author and consultant for over four decades. Her transformational talks and seminars have made her one of the elite teachers in personal development. As a sought after expert on the “spiritual side of success”, Mary has spoken three times at the United Nations, facilitated three different week-long meetings with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, and met with Nelson Mandela in Cape Town, South Africa to address the most significant issues our world is facing.  

Mary is the author of No Less Than Greatness and Building Your Field of Dreams, both best-selling books. As a world-class inspirational speaker, executive coach and corporate consultant, Mary has 40 years’ experience of empowering individuals in achieving new heights of spiritual aliveness, wealth, and authentic success.

Program Features


Over the course of six weeks, Bob, Sandy and Mary will introduce you to some life-changing ideas on tapping into the power of your mind by learning to think in an orderly and creative manner.

Each week, you will get an audio coaching lesson on one of the six faculties from Bob and Mary. Each session provides an in-depth insight into what each faculty is, how you can use it to improve the quality of your life and the ways to develop it.

Sandy will send you a video lesson and exercise every single day. The daily lessons provide additional insights and specific techniques to take you further toward understanding, developing and actively using each faculty.

By the end of each week, you will not only have developed one of your mental faculties, you will also know when and how to use it in a more effective and rewarding way.

At the end of six weeks, you will:magic-in-your-mind-by-bob proctor-and-sandy-gallagher-2

1) Move beyond mere mental activity to real thinking

2) Originate thoughts that vibrate in harmony with who you want to be, do and have

3) Consciously use your imagination to purposely bring your goals to life and create a life that looks exactly the way you want it to look

4) Project forward and create memories of a future event that is beyond the point where your wish has come true

5) Transform any challenge by changing your perception of the situation

6) Transform your hopes and wishes for what you might have into expectations of what you will have 

The price of this 42-day intensive coaching program is $497. Not a small amount, I know, but this is the chance to change your life like day and night, and for less than $2 a day for a year, so I would consider it a good investment, but that’s just me🙂. You also have a 60-day money back guarantee, so if after trying it out you decide that Magic in Your Mind isn’t for you, just email for a FULL refund.

Bridge the Gap between Where You Are and Where You Want To Be!

 magic-in-your-mind-by-bob proctor-and-sandy-gallagher-9

The development of your mental faculties is the key to achieving everything you want in life. Hard work and intelligence can only take you that far. In fact, it was proven that individuals in the top 1% of intelligence do not have greater wealth than the general population.

As stated on the Magic in Your Mind website, there are no tricks here – the results are REAL and LASTING.


That is all from me today. If you have enjoyed or found this review to be useful do share it with others! And if you have any questions or comments in regards to this program just let me know in the comment box below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for reading!


How do I Stop Procrastination – The Best Tips to Stop Procrastinating!



Hey guys, Clark here from Self Help Books. Procrastination is the THIEF of time and has been known to ruin careers and harm self-esteem and even health (due to the stress and anxiety).

Alas, there are many people who are chronic procrastinators. I was one such person, and maybe you are too, in which case you are probably thinking “So how do I stop procrastination?” Well, if you read on till the end I will share my best tips to stop procrastinating with you🙂.

The Most Important Thing..



When we procrastinate, we put off important tasks that we should be doing till it’s too late. You may have a test or exam coming up, but instead of studying you are messing about with miscellaneous things like social media, reading blogs, sweeping the floor – putting off studying until a few days (or hours!) before the test.

You know you should be studying, but you just don’t feel like doing anything. 

And when it’s already too late we panic, and wish we got started earlier. Then, we repeat this loop all over again. It’s a bad habit that prevents us from achieving greater results in life.

There is one important thing that the best self-help teachers advise to stop procrastination. And that is…

Do the most dreaded thing FIRST. Do the thing that you least want to do on that particular day. Attack it when you’re still full of energy and willpower in the morning, and you will give yourself the best chance of success.

Putting off the dreaded item on your list saps your energy and willpower, which makes all your other tasks suffer. Thinking about that worst thing makes you not completely present with anything else.

A few other tips that can help you


Another important thing that I’ve been taught, and believe in after trying it out and experiencing it for myself – is that action inspires action. Do SOMETHING, and it will generate the momentum you need to continue being productive. But to really believe in it, you must experience for yourself that action inspires action.

So get moving! And know that once you take the initial step, the rest of the steps will start to flow. There is never a perfect time.

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best advice to stop procrastination. When we sleep, we flush out toxins from our body, heal damaged cells and produce new cells – thus refreshing our whole body and mind. You get relief from stress, worry, anger, sadness, etc. When you get a good night’s sleep, you wake up feeling more energetic, happy and optimistic, ready to take on the day.  

Change your environment. Different environments have a different impact on your productivity. Doing work in the bedroom may make you want to lie down or sleep🙂. When I am waiting at the airport when I write the words flow because there are not many things you can do at the airport🙂. Get rid of the distractions around you.

An environment that makes us feel inspired now may lose its effect after a period of time. So if that is the case, then it is time to change your environment.

Have a HUGE goal that turns you on. Procrastination is the absence of inspiration. And often times, the absence of inspiration is caused by you not having a big or WORTHY enough goal. Take a short break and ask yourself whether what you are working towards align with your heart’s desires? If not, what can you do about it?

Raise your vibration. Hang out with people who inspire you to take action. If you spend some time talking to Oprah and Bill Gates, I bet you will feel more inspired to act on your dreams. The people you are with influence your behaviors. Read a few inspiring quotes at the start of each day. You can find them just by doing a simple search on Google.

Read posts by inspiring personal development teachers, and correspond with them regularly via email or social media.

Subliminals are an alternative


You can consider using subliminals as a tool to end procrastination once and for all. Subliminals are affirmations – either auditory or visual – presented below the normal limits of perception. It may be a sound that is inaudible to the conscious mind but audible to the subconscious, or an image transmitted briefly and unobserved by the conscious mind but perceived subconsciously.  

Subliminals have been researched for more than 50 years, and have been proven over many scientific studies. Not only can subliminals help you stop procrastinating, they can also help you improve your memory, lose weight, stop smoking, increase your self-confidence, overcome your fear of public speaking or presentation, etc.

There are even urban myths about how companies and advertisers use these kinds of messages to persuade customers to act in certain ways. However, the truth is that subliminal messages won’t make you do or feel anything that you do not want to do or feel. But if you have a strong desire to make a change in some area of your life, then subliminals will assist you in getting there.

If you consider using subliminals, there are two subliminal tools that I would recommend. Subliminal360 flashes positive affirmations on your PC screen while you work, while Subliminal Guru is a set of MP3 audios that you can play in the background while you go about your daily activities, or while you’re sleeping. If this is something that you would like to explore further, then you can click on the two links above to learn more.


Else, that would be all from me today. If you have enjoyed or found this post to be useful please share it with others, and should you have any questions or comments (such as which tip works best for you, and your own personal tip to overcome procrastination) in regards to this topic just let me know in the comment box below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for reading!

SIX MINUTES TO SUCCESS Review – A program by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher


Product: Six Minutes to Success Program
Who is it for: Anyone looking to improve his/her life
Where to buy:
Price: $49.97/month for basic membership, $99.97/month for premium membership
Guarantee: 60-day money back guarantee
Rating: 90 out of 100 (Highly recommended!)

You know, I was just thinking why I have not reviewed any program by Bob Proctor on this site thus far, and thus far I have yet to come up with an acceptable answer🙂. So here it is – my Six Minutes to Success review.

First up, check out these videos, OK?


Click here to go to the start of a series of three inspiring videos presented by Bob Proctor.   

Video 1 is about paradigms, ideas that are fixed in your subconscious mind – they control your vibration, they control your behavior and they control what you ATTRACT.


Video 2 (my personal favorite) touches on the TYPE of goals that you should be setting in your life. “If you do not get the chills when you set your goal you’re not setting big enough goals.” – Bob Proctor. Watch Bob as he explains the “ABC of goals”.

Video 3’s topic is Terror Barrier.

I would love to explain more but I believe Bob himself would be able to explain all this much better than me🙂. You can watch the first video here.

A little bit of info on Bob..


Bob Proctor is widely considered to be one of the greatest speakers in the world on the topic of getting rich. For more than 40 years, Bob has focused on teaching people how to understand their hidden abilities to be more, do more and have more in every area of life, for example creating lush lives of prosperity, rewarding relationships and spiritual awareness. One of the world’s master thinkers and achievers, his delivery is also top notch!

In 1960, he was a high-school dropout with a resume of dead-end jobs and a future clouded in debt. One book was placed in his hands – Think and Grow Rich – which planted the seed of hope in Bob’s mind. In just months, and with further support from the works of Earl Nightingale, Bob’s life turned around completely. In a year, he was making more than $100,000, and he soon surpassed the $1,000,000 mark.

Bob then moved to Chicago to work with his real-life mentor, Earl Nightingale. After rising to the position of Vice President of Sales, he established his own seminar company. Bob now travels the world, teaching thousands of people how to believe in and act upon the greatness of their own minds.

And yeah, he’s the first person you see in the movie The Secret🙂.

So, what is included in Six Minutes To Success?


There are two membership levels to choose from:

1) Basic Membership @ $49.97/month

2) Premium Membership @ $99.97/month

Both are cheaper than the price of a cup of coffee and donuts per day🙂. And you don’t have to risk a single cent. If you’re not totally happy with your membership, just email for a FULL refund within the first 60 days after your purchase.

For both Basic and Premium membership:

1) You will get a success start-up kit. For before you can build a house you must first start with the foundation – and your dream life is no different. The success start-up kit consists of 4 videos that lay the foundation for all the good you truly desire.

2) You will also receive daily-featured videos/audio MP3s/transcripts. Every morning – 7 days a week, 365 days a year – Bob is going to share with you a new thought-provoking, mind-expanding idea (on universal laws, money, health, relationships and more) along with an exercise to get you taking action every single day.

3) And you can share your thoughts and ‘ah-ha’ moments with other Six Minutes to Success members through the Facebook comments feed below each video, as well as engage with other members.

Under the Premium membership, you will also get access to all 600+ Six Minutes to Success videos searchable by keyword, category and title, as well as the monthly Q&A with Bob.


Most importantly, you would dramatically increase your results – in ALL areas of your life. You would get practical steps combined with the inspiration you need to earn more money, start a wildly successful business, create thriving relationships and live a more fulfilling life.

And, you can do it all in the comfort of your own home, and with the easy convenience of a mobile device.

The only catch is that you need to discipline yourself into watching the videos and doing the exercises every single day. However, each video is only a few minutes long with a short exercise that will take a few minutes to complete. Meanwhile, the results of your new “six minutes a day habit” will be limitless.

“Change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice.” – Bob Proctor


Just imagine having a place to find the answer to any question life throws at you. Imagine having your dreams come true without having to trade all of your time.

Imagine what your life may look like 60 or even 30 days from now after learning from one of the best teachers in the world on human potential – every single day.

And just imagine achieving your goals WITHOUT experiencing all the struggles of growth and without going it alone.

Join Six Minutes to Success TODAY and start living the life you have always dreamed about.

That is all from me today. If youve enjoyed or found this review to be useful do share it with others, and if you have any questions or comments in regards to this program just let me know in the comment box below and I WILL get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for reading!

Meditation for WEALTH and Abundance – A Powerful Money Meditation Technique!



You’ve heard about the mental and health benefits of meditation, but do you know that there’re people who do meditation for wealth and abundance? Well, please keep reading and I will show you a powerful money meditation technique that I recently learnt below.

Attracting Wealth DIRECTLY through Meditation



So without further ado, let’s get to it.  

Find a quiet place and sit comfortably. Do not slouch – make sure your spine is upright. Close your eyes completely or half-way. Let your face and whole body relax gently.

Now begin by focusing on your breath. Breathe in slowly through your nose and then breathe out. Do not worry if it feels shallow at first. With each passing breath, you notice your breathing getting longer and longer – stretching out bit by bit. A deeper inhale, a longer exhale.

As you inhale, focus on the words I AM. As you exhale, focus on the word THAT. Breathe in I AM, relax slowly into THAT. Now allow THAT to change. See it shift subtly into something else. An intention you want to set for the day. Patience, Joy, Love, Health, WEALTH, Abundance, Financial FREEDOM.

Stay in the meditation for as long as you feel is necessary. When you feel you’ve set your intention, spare a minute to relax and slowly let your senses take in your surroundings once more, then open your eyes and end the meditation.

Attracting Wealth INDIRECTLY through Meditation!



What I mean by the above heading is that you could use meditation to clear your mind and train your attention, hence making your visualization more effective. Let me elaborate on that. 

The process of visualization has been taught in many books, and by many great teachers throughout history. It involves the creation of clear and detailed images in your mind of already HAVING what you want. This way you generate POWERFUL FEELINGS of having it NOW, and that is the thing that will cause your desire to MANIFEST in your life.

The problem for so many people is when they close their eyes to visualize their minds just started wandering everywhere. It wasn’t until I read a few self-help books that I realized meditation is a great way to clear my mind and sharpen my concentration. Do this regularly and you may find yourself manifesting your desires with lightning speed. Pretty much ALL self-help teachers meditate daily.  

Self-help books will tell you that the negative conditions in your life are the result of past negative thoughts. Since meditation clears the mind thereby allowing us control over our thoughts, it is a great way to practice “inner hygiene”, in which one works to “cleanse thoughts and reactions, practicing new habits and new ways of being”. Else what you wish to manifest is “compromised by the nasties of unhappy habits that bring their dirt and smog to your intention”.

I do not know the scientific explanation for this, but regular and advanced meditation also leads to heightened imagination and intuitive insight, which can only aid you in your visualization and manifestation. Advanced meditation connects you with the Infinite/Universal Mind, from which all answers, ideas and inspirations are SOURCED.

If you are really interested in meditation but do not have the time to do it yourself, there is an awesome audio meditation program that actually “meditates for you”. Check it out here.


Well, that is all from me today. If you find this useful do share it with others, and if you have any questions or comments in regards to this topic do let me know in the comment box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

Tips on How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking


Today I want to give you some tips on how to overcome fear of public speaking🙂. This fear manifests itself through the feeling of dread that you get before a presentation, and I’m not talking a little butterflies here (which is very common); I’m talking about intense ANXIETY, chest tightness, cold sweat, NAUSEA. A SINKING feeling in the pit of your stomach.


Similar fears include social phobia, in which the person have a strong fear of being judged by others and of being embarrassed in front of other people. Without me having to say it out loud, these fears could harm you professionally and also personally.

Some Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking



If you’re searching for tips on the internet, then you probably have experienced some of the above symptoms before, maybe even did quite a lot of research on this. Thus, I do not want to bore you with a lengthy list, I have picked out 5 (in my opinion) useful tips to overcome the fear of public speaking. Without further ado, let’s get into them: 

1) KNOW your topic inside out. Do lots of research. When you are knowledgeable about the topic that you will be presenting it helps you to become MUCH more relaxed and calm. That’s because you can now focus on giving a great speech rather than worry about what questions will be thrown at you. Being familiar with your subject matter will also help you in remembering the key points of your speech better.

2) PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE – You’ve heard it before and I’m saying it again here. Nothing takes the place of practicing and rehearsing for your speech. In the process of rehearsing you would start organizing your speech and thoughts. Knowing that your speech is worthwhile and organized can GREATLY reduce your speaking anxiety.

3) Better yet, rehearse in front of a mirror. Or record your speech on your phone or video camera. Then listen to it or watch it, and make notes on how you could make it better. You will feel awkward at first but that is very normal. Persist with it until you find yourself becoming less self-conscious about your own voice and image.


4) Know that ABSOLUTELY everyone feels nervous before their first speech or presentation. Even Presidents, and Prime Ministers.

5) Do not worry about audience reactions, instead focus on delivering YOUR material in the best way possible.

You Could Also Use SUBLIMINALS


Have you considered using subliminals? They are affirmations (either auditory or visual) presented below the normal limits of perception. It might be a sound that is inaudible to the conscious mind but audible to the subconscious, or an image transmitted briefly and unobserved by the conscious mind but perceived subconsciously 

Subliminals have been researched for more than 50 years, and have been proven over many scientific studies. Not only can subliminals help you overcome your fear of public speaking, it can also help you lose weight, improve your memory, stop smoking, increase your self-confidence, be a successful entrepreneur, etc.

There are even lots of urban myths about how companies and advertisers use these kinds of messages to persuade customers to act in certain ways. However, the truth is that subliminal messages won’t make you do or feel anything that you do not want to do or feel.

There are two subliminal tools that I’m currently using. One flashes positive affirmations on my computer screen while I work, while the other is a set of MP3 audios that I play in the background while I go about my daily activities, or while I’m sleeping. If this is something that you would like to explore further, then learn more by clicking on the two links above. 


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The SECRET in Think and Grow Rich


As mentioned in my last post – FREE download of Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill – the author himself claimed that there is a hidden secret in the book. This is the secret principle by which Andrew Carnegie acquired his massive fortune. Hill went on to say that ‘it’ has been mentioned at least a HUNDRED times throughout the book, though it was not directly named, because “it seems to work more successfully when it is merely uncovered and left in sight, where THOSE WHO ARE READY, and SEARCHING FOR IT, may pick it up.”

This post will attempt an analysis of the numerous opinions of what the secret in Think and Grow Rich is, and then make a final VERDICT.


Opinion 1 – Brian Kim’s Secret‘s’


In 2006, Brian Kim published an ENTIRE book to reveal this hidden secret. You may download the eBook for free at (copy and paste this link into your browser)

It’s called The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich.

So Brian Kim’s secret is “have a burning desire to accomplish one major definite purpose, have faith that you will succeed, organize a definite plan and take action, never give up until you achieve your one major definite purpose, and consistency in all steps.” “Each step must be properly executed and taken in the correct sequential order on a consistent basis.”

VERDICT: Too MANY secrets. My belief has always been that the secret (and Hill never said secrets) can be revealed just by using a single PHRASE.

Opinion 2 – It’s Your Free Will


On we go to analyze the second opinion. J.D. Bloodstone, an author, thinks that it is our FREE WILL, the ability to make our own decisions and to choose our own purpose in life.

His ‘proof’:- Four paragraphs in the last chapter of Think and Grow Rich. This is the one that caught my attention:

“You have absolute control over only one thing, and that is your thoughts. This is the most significant and inspiring of all facts known to humans. It reflects our divine nature. This ability to control your thoughts is the sole means by which you may control your own destiny. If you fail to control your own mind, you may be sure you will control nothing else. Your mind is your spiritual estate. Protect and use it with care to which divine royalty is entitled. You were given your willpower for this purpose.”

You may read his full article at (copy and paste this link into your browser).

VERDICT: I LIKE it. Bloodstone presented a strong and valid argument, AND it fits in with my belief that the secret is a single phrase🙂.


Opinion 3 – The Secret is the Law of Attraction


In case you do not know what is the Law of Attraction, it is the belief that we attract whatever we think about, good or bad. Thoughts become Things.

This is probably the most popular opinion out there. It is also similar to Opinion 2 above. You may refer to the ‘proof’ for Opinion 2, and below is another paragraph, also in the last chapter, that supports this opinion:

“Man can create nothing which he does not first conceive in the form of an impulse of thought. Following this statement, comes another of still greater importance, namely, MAN’S THOUGHT IMPULSES BEGIN IMMEDIATELY TO TRANSLATE THEMSELVES INTO THEIR PHYSICAL EQUIVALENT, WHETHER THOSE THOUGHTS ARE VOLUNTARY OR INVOLUNTARY. Thought impulses which are picked up through the ether, by mere chance (thoughts which have been released by other minds) may determine one’s financial, business, professional, or social destiny just as surely as do the thought impulses which one creates by intent and design.”

VERDICT: As with Opinion 2, this is a strong and valid argument, backed by actual paragraphs in the book.

Opinion 4 – The Secret is in ANOTHER Book!


According to Joe Vitale*, the secret to success is not to be found in Think and Grow Rich, but in Laws of Success, a different book by the same author.

You can see Vitale’s YouTube video for yourself here: (copy and paste this link into your browser)

VERDICT: I’m sorry, but I’ll have to respectfully disagree with Vitale on this one. If you think about it, he’s basically calling Napoleon Hill, who said that the secret is mentioned at least a hundred times throughout the book, a BIG, FAT liar!

*You may know him as one of the teachers in The Secret film. Please don’t confuse The Secret film with the secret in Think and Grow Rich!

Opinion 5 – Enough of Secrets! Let’s Wrap Things Up!


So, after much consideration, the FINAL verdict is….. The ‘secret’ is the Law of Attraction! In a way, ‘it’ can also be thought of as free will, because using your free will to control your thoughts is the sole means by which you may control your own destiny.

Click here to learn more about the Law of Attraction.

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FREE download of Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill



Book, Author: Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill
Where to download: (copy and paste the link into your browser)
Price: $0
Rating: 65 out of 100


If you’re in any way an avid reader of self-help books, then you must’ve heard of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. You can actually get a FREE download of Think and Grow Rich on the net, the reason being that the original 1937 edition is “in the public domain in the United States under the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act because it was published between 1923 and 1964 inclusive, and not renewed at the US Copyright office in a timely fashion”.

Here is one of the many places where you can download it for free (just copy and paste the link into your browser):

Below is my review of this classic book.


I find it Extremely Difficult to Concentrate on This Book!


think-and-grow-rich-by-napoleon-hillThis is one of the bestselling self-help books of all time, a classic, but I find it very difficult to concentrate while reading it. Maybe it’s because most pages are a “sea” of words, with no spacing in-between paragraphs, which made it difficult for me to process the content in my brain. Or maybe it’s because this book was published more than 70 years ago, and thus made reference to past and historical figures that I could not connect with. But I believe the MOST important factor is that the content just isn’t engaging enough.

What are the book contents though? Hill shares the 13 steps to riches, plus “how to outwit the six ghosts of fear”. So altogether there are 15 chapters in this book including the introduction.  

Hill recounts stories of success of some people, but then the stories felt long and drawn-out, and do not inspire.


I Also Think It Is Not PRACTICAL Enough


For me, the author failed to provide enough practical advices and steps on how to Think and Grow Rich. Practicality I believe is something all good self-help books or courses must offer.

Take the final chapter, for instance, on “how to outwit the six ghosts of fear”. Given the title I was expecting some INSPIRATIONAL and UNEXPECTED insights, or exercises that I can follow to “outwit the six ghosts”. But what I got instead was a paragraph explaining that fears are just states of mind (I mean, I know that already!). The book then went on to explain that thoughts become things. Now I don’t understand how that relates to overcoming fear. I was expecting the book to go on to advise me to think courageous thoughts in order to wipe out the fearful ones, but it never did.

So I suggest that you skim through this book. It will give you a different person’s perspective on what it takes to achieve success. But to effect a dramatic and lasting change in your life, I wouldn’t bet on it.


P.S.  A Secret Is Claimed To Be Hidden in This Book!


According to Hill, the ‘secret’ (which is the secret principle by which Andrew Carnegie acquired his HUGE fortune) is mentioned at least a hundred times throughout the book, though it was not directly named, because “it seems to work more successfully when it is merely uncovered and left in sight, where THOSE WHO ARE READY, and SEARCHING FOR IT, may pick it up.”  

Let’s find out what the ‘secret’ is.


How to Believe in Yourself Again


A few days ago I published a post about the benefits of believing in yourself. In it I ended things by saying that we used to believe in ourselves when we were children, but lost that once we grew older. I would like to continue that discussion here with this “How to Believe in Yourself Again” post.



The difference between successful and unsuccessful people


It is said that the biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful people is not intelligence, opportunity or resources, but the belief that they can make their goals happen. These people believe that if they want better health or a more fulfilling career or more happiness that they could make those things happen.

Successful people are willing to try new things even when they are afraid that they might get it wrong. They experiment with new ideas and just trust that they will discover a way to make their ideas work.


20 Things You Must Do To Believe In Yourself


wikiHow is a high quality collection of how-to guides, and they have come up with a list of 20 things that you must do in order to believe in yourself. Of course different methods will work best with different people, but see if you can gain something from the list below:

1) Recognize your skills and the good things about yourself. Look for things that you don’t struggle with or things that people compliment you on, so that you’ll feel more comfortable doing other things as well

2) Set reasonable goals and work hard to achieve them

3) View your failures as learning opportunities

4) Try something new even when you’re afraid that you might get it wrong. There is no other way to make progress

5) Talk to someone who loves you – they can always see the best things about you

6) Take a break when you feel overwhelmed

7) Do something that you believe in

8) Stop having unrealistic expectations about how a situation will go and how-to-believe-in-yourself-again-4what other people do. You can only control your own thoughts and actions

9) Stop seeing yourself as different from other people. Everyone else makes mistakes too, and everyone else does amazing stuff sometimes

10) Stop putting yourself down

11) Do not worry about what you can’t change (the past). The only thing you should worry about is doing well in the future, so put all your energy into that

12) Don’t procrastinate, because later on you will rush and miss things

13) Don’t ignore all criticism that is given to you but also don’t carry your entire view of yourself based on the opinion of other people

14) Build your self-confidence, by following the other 19 suggestions on this list

15) Love yourself, warts and all!

16) Take good care of your body and spirit. Do not eat unhealthy food or be lazy

17) Do things that are hard

18) Help others. It brings a wonderful sense of fulfillment and you will find yourself more confident than ever (I find that this really works for me)

19) Don’t sweat your insecurities, because EVERYONE is insecure

20) Speak up when you have an opinion or know of a better way to do something

I know, some of the above are very general ideas, but hopefully you’ve managed to get some motivation or inspiration from the ideas listed above.

P.S. One of the greatest ways to believe in yourself is through the use of hypnosis. Contrary to popular misconception, hypnosis does not involve a swinging pendulum or mind control, but rather it is used in hospitals to reduce migraines, speed up recovery from surgery, reduce the intensity of pain, help overcome drug addiction, lower blood pressure, and other medical applications. It is also used by thousands (including celebrities) worldwide to improve confidence and self-esteem, let go of fears and phobias, lose weight, stop smoking, improve brainpower, and much more. Learn more here


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The benefits of believing in yourself



Do you remember what life was like when you were a kid? When you learnt to walk for the first time? You kept getting back up no matter how many times you fell, believing that eventually you will be able to walk. Such belief somehow came so naturally to us back then. Then you grew up and were told by well-meaning people that you couldn’t do this and that, and a whole lot of other things, and after a while you started believing in those words..

I woke up today and just felt like I had to write a post on this topic, but before I launch myself into a list of the benefits of believing in yourself, let me share something that I read in one of Arielle Ford’s newsletter. She’s the author of The Soulmate Secret, a book that I have read and love.


Believe in Your Own Product


Below you’ll find an analogy that came from Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and was republished in Ford’s newsletter:  

Imagine a car salesman. He’s trying to get you to buy something from him, but the way he’s doing it is having the opposite effect:

“Um, so, I know you’re probably really busy today, but maybe, I don’t know, you might want to consider buying a Toyota Camry. Sure, it’s a little bit more expensive than other cars, and yeah, the economy is down, and yeah, you can probably get something just as good that is pre-owned. But maybe you want to test drive a Camry anyway?

No? You don’t? I kind of figured you’d say that. After all, there are tons of cars that are nicer looking, get better mileage, and have better resale value.

Wait – don’t go! I mean, you can go if you think there are any other cars you’d like better, but maybe you’d still like to buy a car from me today? I mean, I don’t take it personally if you leave – okay, that’s not true. I will take it personally if you leave, because I’m really quite desperate to sell a car this month and I haven’t had anyone buy from me in a really long time, and—“

Isn’t it painful listening to that? Isn’t it painful going out with someone like that?

Ford’s message is clear – Why would you buy a car from a guy who doesn’t believe in his own product? Do you believe in your own product? Do you think that guy or girl would be a fool to go out with anyone else?


On a lighter note, here comes the List!


I’ve found that readers love lists! So I did some research and came up with a list of the benefits of believing in yourself:

1) Deep down inside, you know you can do anything

2) It allows you to take risks. You would not be afraid of trying something new (and what’s life without a little risk?)

3) You’re optimistic about the future as you set goals and go about achieving them

4) You have faith, no matter what challenges await you

5) You’ll feel motivated to get things done

6) You treat yourself kindly

7) Others will be attracted to you

8) You’ll feel happier and more satisfied with life

9) You stop sweating the small stuff, and begin to see and appreciate the wonders around you



Believe in Yourself Again


Yup, we used to believe in ourselves when we were kids, but we lost that when we grew older and less-wiser. If you would like to rediscover that magic you have when you were young, then read this. Else…

We have come to the end of this post. Thanks a lot for sticking with me, and please feel free to share this with your family and friends. If you have any questions/comments just leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you. See you around!