Craig Hamilton Meditation Seminar – Free online meditation course?

Hello, a very good day to you. I’m Clark, and on this page you will find information about Craig Hamilton meditation seminar. Is this a free online meditation course? Well, you get to have a free one-hour plus session with Craig in which he talks about meditation, gives you a taste of his meditation approach, and of course promote his course.

But trust me, you could get a couple of really important pointers (which I will share with you below) from this seminar alone. To go through a full-length course with Craig, you have to pay.

But first, download this free e-book about meditation from Craig Hamilton. Once you register (for free), you would be invited to the (free) seminar.

Important Pointer No. 1

If you’re not sure about what meditation is, read: What is Meditation, and How to Practice

It has always been my belief that meditation holds magical promises, and that I have experienced its magic from time to time. You may have tried meditating before and felt a bit of its benefits – feeling relaxed, refreshed, more ready to face the day – but that’s what science has proven. However, I’m talking about meditation bringing us the feeling of deep, delicious inner peace and joy. I’m talking about meditating and then seeing the world around us change seemingly in a magical way for our comfort, joy and happiness.

One important pointer that I got from Craig Hamilton meditation seminar is: Don’t grasp onto certainty. Stop wondering when the benefits of meditation will come after meditation and just meditate. Let go. Don’t worry about whether you’re doing it right and just, do it. Forget your problems. And don’t worry, your work will still be waiting for you after your meditation. The irony is, if you can just forget about your problems and your work while you meditate, after you’re done the clarity will come to you, the solutions will come to you, the good ideas will come to you.

So don’t be stressed out during your meditation. Don’t go into meditation with the objective of thinking through your problems. On the contrary, when you meditate the right way, the clarity you seek will come to you instead without being asked to.

I feel that this is an important pointer not just in terms of meditation, but also life in general. Trust that your life is working out in every way in every moment to bring you towards the life that would bring you the most joy. Drop your need for certainty, to know how it is going to happen.

And have you ever tried to get everything sorted out in your mind? “Did I do well enough in that test just now? What did I answer for…” “Did I say the right things in that conversation just now?” There are some things you want to be sure of, like remembering to lock your house at night, and don’t leave any sharp things lying around. But some things, like going over and over in your mind whether a particular person likes you in the hopes that you can get some certainty within you, is really pointless. It becomes more and more frustrating as you analyze and re-analyze it thoroughly without getting an answer. Just trust that life is always working out for you.

Important Pointer No. 2

The presumption of enlightenment. Don’t go into meditation to achieve enlightenment. Assume that you are already enlightened while you’re meditating.

And that applies to the rest of our lives. You want to approach a problem from a place of assuming that you already have the solution. If you are familiar with the law of attraction, you would know that’s how the Universe works. Want to learn something? Teach it to somebody. Want to manifest more wealth? Believe that you already have it, and you shall. If you can’t relax during meditation, tell yourself that you are relaxed, and you would feel your whole self suddenly becoming a bit more relaxed.

Anything To Share?

If there are other important epiphanies that strike you when you listen to the seminar, please do share those with me in the comment section below. Here’s the direct link to the seminar if you don’t want to download the e-book: Meditation 2.0 The Miracle of Direct Awakening

Happy listening!

6 thoughts on “Craig Hamilton Meditation Seminar – Free online meditation course?”

  1. Brilliant article and love the topic. All points are very illuminating to beginners and a reminder to those of us who already meditate. So true that the best way to achieve your goal is to relax and let it flow to you instead of forcing the issue. Visualization and meditation are two fabulous ways to improve our physical, emotional and mental situation in life.

    I like the method of collecting my email, by giving the freebie, and the link to Craig’s page. Great tools.

    I like the look and feel of the site, and the text flowed nice and easily. The only way I can think it could be improved would be with a little more color and visual stimulation, such as a person actually in meditation. We humans do think in pictures and a page that’s mainly text can lose our attention sometimes.

    Otherwise an enjoyable read.

    • I’m glad you found it to be enjoyable and useful. There are many ways one could look at meditation, after all there is no Word of God on this only theories, and Craig has indeed come up with his own specialized form of understanding and doing meditation. As a meditation practitioner myself, I do form my own opinions about what works and what doesn’t through constant practice. If you have any insights regarding how to meditate effectively please share them with us below!

  2. Hi Craig, 

    This is a very interesting and informative article, which gives the reader an insight into meditation with great tips and advice. 

    How long does it take on average to become competent in this meditation system?

    I meditate once a week, using a simple technique which works for me. I would like to progress to daily but due to time constraints at present I am unable to practice daily. The effects of my weekly meditation are amazing, leaving me feeling fully relaxed and refreshed with a sense of calm. I would recommend meditation to anyone. 

    This is a great offer, with a free meditation session thrown in. This will help the beginners to meditation to learn the correct way with a system they will be able to follow and get great results. Also having an expert to help you on your meditation journey is amazing.


    • Hi Wince, I’m Clark, actually. Haha. I’m recommending this program by Craig, who will be its teacher.

      As for how long it would take to become competent, the course itself is 12 weeks, but really it depends on the individual. I would suggest this: take it meditation session by meditation session. Don’t think too much about when you’re going to be good at it. The irony is if you can have that mindset, the magic would happen sooner rather than later, both inside and outside of you.

  3. I appreciate the background information not just about the Craig Hamilton Meditation Seminar but also on meditation itself. I agree that there is something magical about meditation. Relaxation is something that is really helpful especially with the stresses that are out there these days. Meditation 2.0 The Miracle of Direct Awakening sounds really great and I’m looking forward to checking it out further through your link. Thanks!

    • You’re welcome and I hope you find a new perspective about meditation through listening to Craig. See if you receive the same key points as I did. I am always up for a discussion and if you disagree with my pointers or something else strikes you during the seminar be sure to let me know!


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