Do you meditate properly?

Hey everybody, a very good morning to you. I am Clark of Self Help Books, and welcome to my site! If you are a regular meditator, then allow me to ask, do you meditate properly? Because if you know the true aim of meditation, then there is a greater chance that you’ll gain more benefits from it. Start off on the wrong foot, and you might be better off not meditating because it might just put more strain on your body and mind!

The mechanics of meditation varies slightly from one technique to another, but most of them are pretty simple to do and at the end of this article, I will lead you to another page of mine on this website where you can learn a simple meditation technique. The more important thing is to not misunderstand the objective of what you’re doing.

The AIM of meditation

Do you know that the true objective of meditation is to relax your entire self (then relax it some more), and release whatever negative thoughts and feelings that you might have? It is not the time to analyze a problem that you have and focus on finding a solution.

Some people bring their goal or problem into meditation in the hopes that a brilliant idea or a solution would come to them in the middle of their session. That could just add stress to your mind and body especially when they don’t come. What you want will arrive later, if you meditate correctly.

When you are deep enough in your meditation, and that’s when you’re so relaxed you couldn’t tell the difference between your nose and your foot, your mind connects to Source, also called Inner Being or God or the Universe. And when that happens, you’ll feel really good, and the ideas and solutions that you want will come to you although you may not get it immediately.

The important thing to remember is to allow yourself to relax and be detached (from problems, from negativity, from goals, etc.) when you are meditating and not to aim to achieve something. Don’t use effort to reach that place, or (worse) try to force it, because that means you are not detached. As you let go of the negativity and problems the good feelings will automatically come to you because that is your natural state when you are not bogged down by problems and negativity.

When you are finally detached, do not immediately turn your thoughts and attention back to your problem, because then you are no longer detached. Just stay in that state for a while because it feels really good there, and leave your world behind for a while.

So how long should you meditate for?

As long as it takes for you to be connected with Source and reach that place of feeling good. And once you’ve reached that place, you want to stay there for as long as possible. If you have only just begun to practice meditation, it is probably going to take you much longer to become detached and stay there than regular meditators.

Where can you learn how to meditate?

As I mentioned earlier, allow me to share with you a simple meditation technique. But always remember that the aim of meditation is to allow detachment. I have written something on how to meditate before, so I won’t repeat it here. Please read this post: How to MEDITATE for Beginners.

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