Does hypnosis really work for weight loss?

Hi everyone who is looking to lose weight, how are you? How is your diet and exercise progressing? Good? Not too good? Does hypnosis really work for weight loss? If you have been trying to lose weight for some time, but aren’t seeing much of a result, you might be barking up the wrong tree.

Metabolism is the key?

You know that your weight depends on what is inside of you. Right? It can’t be how much food you eat or how much exercise you do (although healthy eating and moderate exercise is good), because then how do you explain the fact that some people can eat a lot but stay thin? Whereas you have tried one diet after another but can’t seem to lose weight. Or you lost some weight but as soon as you drop the diet, back you go to your previous weight. So there has to be something else at play here.

I am a huge believer that if we can get our inside to function properly, we can get our outward appearance, our outside, to be beautiful. I’m no doctor, but I do know that food digestion, fat burning, all this is regulated by our metabolism, our enzymes, our body’s systems as a whole. And these systems are regulated by the brain. Why does one’s brain differ from another? If I may be so bold, allow me to venture to say that our beliefs play a big part in how one’s brain and body’s systems work.

What Does Hypnosis Do?

If you ever observe yourself, you would realize that when you believe in something, things just seem to work out for you. For example, you expect to have a good time when you are out on an outing with your buddies, so you seem to get an extra burst of energy for that no matter how long of a day you just had. Suddenly, when the time comes for you to meet up, you feel energized, less tired, and ready for a good time. Whereas on Sunday night, you start to feel a bit tired, a bit lethargic, as you think about going back to school or work the next day! Have you ever experience that? If you have, you’re not the only one.

When you expect something positive to happen, you draw the energy you need, the inspiration you need, the synchronicity you need from the Universe. And so it is with losing weight. If you believe in your body’s ability to regulate your metabolism, your weight, your body size and shape, then whatever diet or exercise you do is going to have an exponential impact.

Hypnosis is said to go deep into our subconscious mind to change the beliefs that are firmly lodged in there by feeding it new ideas. If you can believe that having your ideal body weight is not a pipe dream, then you would find your body systems working better, you can lose weight with less effort, you can enjoy your food without worry, you don’t have to suffer through intense physical exercise for just a bit of a weight loss.

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8 thoughts on “Does hypnosis really work for weight loss?”

  1. This is definitely an interesting topic and point of view. I compare it to the absence or presence of stress. Some people will gain weight when under stress and others will tend lo lose weight. I totally agree with you that our subconcious is a key factor in our metabolism. And I also believe a lot of studies on the subject will follow.

    • Hopefully, what you say is true and more studies will follow. Sadly, many people still consider self-help or personal development to be freaky and unnatural.

  2. Hi, I find this possible because overeating is, to some extent, addictive. If you treat it as an addiction and treat it accordingly, then I believe that it is also possible to overcome it with hypnosis, which reduces your weight through your eating needs.

    But since I am also a believer in myself, I think that working with myself and cooperating with a hypnotist can get me better results.

    • I think you provided an interesting perspective on losing weight through hypnosis. In your point of view, hypnosis can indirectly help one to shed unwanted weight through changing one’s eating habits.

  3. Hi Clark,

    Great article and I believe it will help many people.

    I completely agree that our subconscious is incredibly powerful and that if we can program it then we can realize and manifest the things that we desire.

    I think hypnosis can help us to make better food and exercise choices. Hypnosis will help to give us the inspiration we need.

    Great idea to give information on a hypnosis audio.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,


    • I’m happy that you are willing to consider that hypnosis could be a really good solution to losing weight. Many people would be afraid of trying something new, and some might even think that this is freaky. Technology and personal development has indeed come a long way.

  4. Hello there! This is an informative article! Since you brought it up, I have actually noticed that some people who eat a lot are somehow very thin and I always wonder how that is possible. I’ve also been someone who has tried many diets but have not been successful in dropping too much weight. It’s really crazy how powerful the mind can really be and what you described sounds similar to the law of attraction theory. I am going to need to check out that hypnosis audio.

    • Please do, you won’t regret checking it out. But always remember that thin doesn’t always mean good. You have not been successful in dropping too much weight, could it be because you are already at a healthy weight?


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