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Good day, this is Clark of Self Help Books. Have you ever heard of Donna Eden Energy Medicine book? Energy medicine (also called energy therapy, energy healing or spiritual healing) is a branch of alternative medicine – based on the belief that healers can channel healing energy into a person and effect positive results.

Energy Medicine

“Energy medicine brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill, and joy when you are down.”

– Donna Eden

Energy medicine awakens energies that bring resilience, joy and enthusiasm into your life. Balancing your energies balances your body’s chemistry, regulates your hormones, helps you feel better and helps you to think better.

Many schools of energy medicine exist such as contact healing, distant healing, Reiki, Qigong, etc. And while early reviews of scientific literature on energy healing recommended further research, more recent reviews have concluded that there is no evidence supporting energy medicine.

There are views an improvement from energy medicine may have been experienced independent from anything the healer/patient did or said – these patients would have improved even if they did nothing. A different explanation is the placebo effect, through which a person may experience genuine pain relief and other symptomatic alleviations, although this pretty much means that the patient has been genuinely helped by the healer.

Moreover, positive reviews of the scientific literature may show selection bias by omitting key studies that do not agree with the author’s position.

However, it is the viewpoint of many that energy medicine is at the forefront of scientific understanding of how to better support health and healing.

How To: Donna Eden’s 5-minute daily energy routine!!!

Eden is a pioneer in the field of energy medicine, recognized for her ability to literally see the body’s energies, accurately determine the causes of physical and psychological problems based on the state of these energies, and to devise highly effective treatments.

Eden and her husband Dr. David Feinstein co-authored Energy Medicine, Energy Medicine for Women and The Promise of Energy Psychology. Her healing abilities are legendary; and she has taught tens of thousands of people globally how to engage their own energies.

For a detailed study of energy medicine, read her book(s) – they can be bought on Amazon.

If you’re not a heavy reader, check out Donna Eden’s 5-minute daily energy routine. It is a collection of actions or exercises that can be performed in just 5 minutes daily to establish healthy energy habits in all the body’s energy systems. Learn the “Crossover Shoulder Pull”, the “Four Thumps” and the “Hook Up”, for energy healing, resilience, joy and enthusiasm.

Energy medicine has been called the self-care and development path of the future.

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10 thoughts on “Donna Eden ENERGY Medicine Book!”

  1. You clearly explain the benefits one can experience from practicing energy medicine. Ms. Eden and her husband have written several volumes on the subject. I find it interesting I can begin practicing this discipline in just five minutes per day. Who cannot spare five minutes in a twenty-four hour period to improve their life?

    • Yeah, five minutes is not a lot but people are creatures of habit. So I suppose the critical part is getting started. It all really depends on how much one wants to feel better in their body.

  2. Hi,
    I do believe that energy can heal. I do a lot of meditation myself. I like to meditate on the 7 chakras. Well done Clark.

    • Reading this book can keep you occupied during these stay-at-home times. And meditating on the 7 chakras is something that I have thought about doing more of. Thank you for the suggestion!

  3. I have a copy of this book. In fact I purchased the series of CDs showing how she works with the body to heal all different kinds of ailments or just feel better. I have tried several healing methods. What I have tried from this series have worked for me. It seems that a lot of why we feel ill is energy related, even if it is disguised as a pain or other discomfort. The key for success of this healing is in practicing regularly, and not giving up. What I like is that there is no pill to go out and buy, just an awareness that your body can heal, right where you are, as you get to work. Thanks for highlighting a great product.

    • Well, yes, the best medicines are always the ones that the body produces naturally. Of course, pills have their place in healing, you might want to go for the tried and tested paracetamol if you have a fever. But when one is feeling OK but not really good, it is a good idea to get the energy flowing through your body, making it much healthier and less likely to fall sick.

  4. Hi,

    I love reading about energy medicine and I learnt something by going through your post.

    I did click through to find out about the 5 minute energy routine. I went through each one and followed the instructions.

    It is amazing that all of them are similar to tapping. I have done tapping for a few years and find it a very successful technique so doing Donna Eden’s techniques was simple and enjoyable.

    I will add the crossover shoulder pull to my daily routine.

    Thank you.

    Best wishes,


    • I’m glad you found a new technique to add to your routine. Tapping is something I heard about a lot but never really got into. Maybe now’s the time to do so, since I’m staying at home a lot now.

  5. I must say, I also have my doubts about energy medicine but I am intrigued to hear what Donna Eden has to say. Her daily energy routine sounded promising so I’m curious to see if her expertise carries over into such an innovative direction.

    Are there any more books from her on Energy Medicine that I can look into?

    • You should perform her daily energy routine every day, I think you’d really enjoy the benefits it brings to your body.

      For more Donna Eden, just do a search on Amazon on the books she has written.


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