Eckhart Tolle vs Abraham Hicks

Hello there. How have you been? My name is Clark, and today I want to take a look with you on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle vs Abraham Hicks. Both are masters whose teachings I have experienced and enjoyed recently.

I have read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, which my “Enlightenment” series is based upon. And I’ve been watching Abraham Hicks videos on YouTube, which are free. Abraham Hicks videos are supposed to be the teachings of Abraham presented to us by Esther Hicks, who (based on my understanding) channels Abraham through her to pass us knowledge on how to be happy and manifest our desires. You will understand more of Abraham’s teachings when you read my “3 Steps” series.

So, Any Differences?

It is actually quite difficult to compare the two. I mean, they both have the ultimate aim of bringing you much joy and happiness, but they both explained things in a different way and suggested different practices. There have been videos in which someone in the audience asked Abraham about The Power of Now. I may not be the master that ‘she’ is, but let me try to verbalize what I understand about the suggestions of Eckhart Tolle compared to Abraham Hicks.

The main focus of The Power of Now is to help us gain enlightenment. And the reason for that (achieving enlightenment) is because in the state of enlightenment there is real joy, love, and peace to be found or felt and experienced, not to mention that life will improve dramatically when true happiness is our natural state. From the title of Tolle’s book, you’d have already guessed that the key to enlightenment is to be in the Now, the present moment. There are multiple methods that the book suggested to reach enlightenment, but doing those leads your attention to the present anyway so I won’t repeat them here as I’ve written about them in the series mentioned above.

Abraham tells us to raise our frequency or vibration to match the frequency or vibration of our desire. Imagine a blank space in which it is possible to have infinite horizontal lines. The higher the line, the higher the vibration or the better we feel. Our desire is usually at a higher vibration because we think it will feel real good when we have it. The higher our vibration (or the vibration of our beliefs) the more easily our desires unfold. The thing is what we want usually vibrates at a higher level than our current beliefs about it (continuously reinforced by our attention to our current life situation). But if we can consciously put ourselves at a higher level of vibration by feeling better, then the physical manifestations will come.

Just Listen To Both(!)

In any case, I’ve been reading/watching both Tolle and Abraham, and doing their suggested practices. The key for me is not to analyze too much. Just read/watch whoever I feel like reading/watching on that day. Do the practice I feel like doing on that day. The goal is to feel better and better, for longer and longer periods of time until feeling wonderful becomes my ‘normal’ state.

I also think that (practicing both Tolle and Abraham) is the best way to reconcile both their teachings. When I spent more time learning about the law of attraction and practicing deliberate manifestation, I began to find more and more that each theory or practice has uncanny similarities with another theory or practice. It is something that I find hard to put into words, and easier to just feel it in the midst of reading or practicing.

Learn and Practice!

I think this is the best time to be learning personal development and putting what we’ve learned to practice. Put these times of (Covid-19) lock-down to good use, and shock your colleagues and friends with the new you when it’s time to go back to work!

Anyway, feel free to subscribe to my email (you’ll get a free personal development book when you do that). Just let me know below if you have any questions or comments. Thanks a lot!

2 thoughts on “Eckhart Tolle vs Abraham Hicks”

  1. Thanks for your post on Abraham vs Tolle. It’s always confused me as I came across Tolle first and became quite good at dissolving the pain body. I then discovered Abraham who Seemed to conflict with my focussing on the emotion with consciousness and instead focuses on finding a better feeling thought. I agree that it’s ok to practice both depending on the situation. As long as I don’t feed the emotion with thoughts, I feel that Focussing on dissolving the pb is very effective and Is definitely raising my vibration, whilst choosing a better feeling thoughts stops any negative momentum in its tracks. Nice to see the two teachings compared here!

    • Hi Trudi, thank you for giving me permission to publish your comments. I would suggest doing both (Tolle and Abraham) with the aim of just feeling better and better. It can be a sense that all is right in the world, a feeling of peace, a sense that something wonderful is on the horizon, love, optimism, happiness, calm, etc. As long as you truly feel good, then you’re doing it right and reconciliation doesn’t really matter anymore. I’ve found that both of them are amazing teachers. Analyzing usually leads to confusion or frustration for me! The best way to reconcile the two of them is to do their ‘exercises’, and then I bet you’d find that there is plenty of overlap between them!


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