Falling asleep during Hypnosis – Is Hypnosis while asleep beneficial?

Hey everyone, Clark here from Self Help Books. Just a short discussion today – let’s look at the phenomena of falling asleep during hypnosis, and whether you can still benefit from hypnosis while asleep.

You May Not Be Asleep

One of the common comments from people who listen to hypnosis audios – they seem to fall asleep while doing so. They drift into a deep state of relaxation and lose track of time. Suddenly, they wake up as the session is ending. So, will they still benefit from the session?


If you fall asleep during hypnosis, remember that several research groups have discovered that our hearing is on 24/7, and constantly taking in information. It stays alert to protect us and our offspring. For instance, if a mother is asleep and hears her baby cry, she will awaken immediately. So even if you fall asleep during the hypnosis session, your brain is still recording all of the information in your subconscious mind.

However, you may not actually be asleep.

Using sensitive medical equipment such as an EEG machine, scientists have identified four ranges of brainwave activity (measured in pulses per second/hertz) covering wakeful alertness to deep sleep.

1) Beta (12-40 hertz) – You are conscious, active, and focused on your surroundings.

2) Alpha (8-12 Hertz) – You are present, quiet and meditative. You are in a state of mental and physical relaxation while still being somewhat aware of your surroundings. You are alert but calm. This is a light state of trance. This state is ideal for learning new information and creative problem solving.

3) Theta (4-8 hertz) – You feel deeply relaxed to the point of drowsiness. This is a deep state of trance. In this phase, you have easy access to your creative imagination and vivid mental imagery.

4) Delta (0.5-4 hertz) – You are experiencing deep, dreamless sleep. You are unconscious with very slow brainwave activity. The brain puts things on hold while it focuses on healing, rest, and recuperation.

Learning and personal development are best achieved at either the Alpha or Theta levels of brainwave activity.

If you ‘wake up’ at the same time the hypnosis audio is ending, then you did not fall asleep during the session. You simply experienced a deep trance state, and parts of the session are not accessible to your conscious memory. This occurs at the Theta levels of brainwave activity, and is actually pretty common with really good hypnotic subjects.

If you wake up an hour or two later, way after the completion of the audio, then you actually fell asleep, and did not respond to those ‘wake up’ suggestions at the end of the audio.

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That is all from me today. Share this with others if you’ve enjoyed it! And if you have any questions or comments in regards to this topic just let me know in the comment box below and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

12 thoughts on “Falling asleep during Hypnosis – Is Hypnosis while asleep beneficial?”

  1. Thank you Clark.

    I learnt something! I thought I was falling asleep when listening to a hypnosis track and so I stopped doing hypnotic meditation as I thought I was wasting my time! I always wake up as they finish.

    So I will definitely go back to listening to hypnotic meditation!

    Wish you lots of success as I think you have chosen an awesome niche.

    Best wishes,


    • Yes, so now that you know, I would suggest that you continue listening to your hypnosis audio. One thing to be careful of is not to play the hypnotic audio on repeat. These audios cause drowsiness, and you certainly would want to make sure you can wake up! There was one time I played it on repeat, and thankfully I did wake up at the end of one of the rounds (who knows how many rounds I have gone through?), so I might be worried about nothing, but for sure I never did anything like that again.

  2. Thank you for sharing this info.

    I have a question regarding dreams. My sleep is never deep and I am constantly dreaming, can hypnosis assist me with dreaming less? There are nights when I can remember most of what I dreamt especially if I had it early in the morning but then there are times I just don’t recall it at all. So I guess what I am asking is can hypnosis help me to remember these dreams and also place me in a deeper state of sleep?



    • I know that Hypnosis Live has a “Great Night’s Sleep Every Night” MP3, which by listening you should be able to get a better rest.

      And I’m not sure if this is what you want: The “Lucid Dreaming Mastery” MP3 apparently allows you to be aware that you’re dreaming, and because of that you can remember the dream as well as take control and direct the dream the way you want it to go.

      There are so many things that hypnosis can do, and I’ve not tried all the Hypnosis Live MP3s, but I was satisfied with those I did.

  3. Hypnosis is one of my favorite topics. I used to read a lot of self-help books for personal development. And self-hypnosis was always fascinating. Very nice and informative article.

    • I hope this will reignite your self-help books reading habit. If you have some belief that you want to soften or replace, hypnosis is a good option and worth a shot.

  4. Great article! I need to do this. When I tried before I fell asleep and this will help. The other reason I don’t is that I’m on medication. Will I get the benefits from this or do I need to be off my medication?



  5. Good article. I have had this problem in the past. In fact, any time I’ve tried I’ve always fell asleep and felt like I missed out. I do normally wake up just as it’s finishing so I guess I have actually gotten the benefits.

    Interesting scientific facts about the four states.


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