FREE Guided Meditation Scripts

Hey guys and gals, how are you doing? I’m Clark, and on this page I am going to talk about free guided meditation scripts. I have, or will very soon, prepared (or prepare) multiple meditation scripts to give you an idea of how to focus on each subject and enjoy life in your mind.

I usually use the term meditation to mean an activity in which you stop thought, but in YouTube and almost everywhere else online people are using the term meditation for any activity in which you put aside some time and focus on something good and positive. But anyhow it’s just a term that people use, and what are more important are the feelings you allow yourself to feel during your session. I’ll provide the links to my ‘meditation’ scripts below, and you’ll find that they cover a wide range of topics, from gratitude/appreciation to wealth, from manifesting miracles to relationships and health.

Gratitude/Appreciation Meditation

We know that gratitude is one of the most important aspects of personal development so I’ve just got to do one on it. You’d find in my gratitude script that I recommend allowing the appreciative thoughts to come to you rather than having to search for them, especially when you’re not feeling particularly appreciative. Life has been likened to something light that is able to float on the surface of water by itself. If you don’t hold it underwater, if you could just let it be, it will rise up until it reaches the surface. So if you could let go of your negative thoughts just for a while, you’d find that positive thoughts begin coming to you.

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Money and Financial Freedom Meditation

When I think about money, I think of the freedom it provides. Freedom to do whatever I want, or to do nothing. Freedom to go on vacations without any worries, financial or otherwise, at all. Freedom to pursue my passion(s), and freedom to buy whatever I fancy. Money by itself is just paper.

I have written (or will write) two meditation scripts on manifesting wealth.

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And/Or: How to Manifest Financial Freedom

I did mention that money is freedom, so effectively both of these scripts are focused on manifesting the same thing (wealth) but just giving you a different perspective in each. You’d find that there are countless ways to do this.

Love Meditation

On the subject of manifesting a love partner, you shouldn’t be too stubborn and attach yourself to a specific person. You could potentially use someone as the object of your meditation, but just be opened to the possibility that there could be someone else out there who is a perfect fit for you. And if you’re stubborn then you could miss the opportunity when it comes. The good news is you always get another chance. But what you want to do instead is feel the juice of the relationship, the light-heartedness, the excitement, the comfort, and the way you feel when you’re with your love partner.

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Other Meditations

There are other meditation scripts that I have (or am planning to) write especially for you. You might think that some of the scripts on this page overlap a little or even a lot and that’s fine. Don’t forget that what’s important is the juice or essence of it; whether you could allow wonderful feelings to fill your body.

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And/Or: Manifest ‘Anything You Want’ Visualization

Do It!

There is no substitute for doing, and feeling the deliciousness of these meditations. Reading about them doesn’t do them justice. Once you have felt how wonderful you could feel, you’re not going to want to do anything else. So let me know how it goes in the comment box below. I welcome any questions/comments from you guys and gals. Till the next time; thanks a lot!

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