Gratitude Meditation Script

Hello everybody, how are you? I’m Clark; for those of you who don’t know me yet, I am the founder and author for (this website!) A couple of days ago, I wrote a post titled: What is Gratitude Meditation? In it, I’ve provided a short gratitude meditation example that you may practice when you have some free time alone. Here is a longer gratitude meditation script, which I hope will give you a more detailed look at how gratitude meditation could be performed.

In the end though, there really is no best way of doing this. So if you can find yourself in the warm glow of appreciation, then you’re doing it right. But if you’re still not feeling good after starting your gratitude or appreciation session for some time, then you may need to do some tweaking.

When You Can Do It – The Preparation

You can do it anytime, anywhere, really. But a great time to practice gratitude is once you wake up in the morning. Not only are you fresh and full of energy after a good night’s sleep, you can also carry the momentum of appreciating into the start of your day. Doing this at night just before you fall asleep is also good because you would then carry that momentum into the next morning, but the thing is, at night you might be tired and that would make it much more difficult for you to motivate yourself to think grateful thoughts.

Make sure you allow yourself sufficient time to really immerse yourself in this exercise. It wouldn’t be effective if all the while you’re doing this exercise you think about how much stuff you still have to do later on in the day. If you’ve decided to do this once you wake up, you may continue to lie down on your bed. Close your eyes. Relax and let go of all problems. You would have more control over your willpower in the morning, which is another reason to do it then.

Relax and Have Fun

Begin by observing the thoughts that raced around your head. They could be overwhelming sometimes. The lack of clarity, the resentment, the stress, etc. Don’t fight it, and don’t try to sort them out. Just observe without judgment and without getting emotionally involved with any thought. Let them run their course and then subside.

Before long, you may receive some thought or image that pleases you. You would definitely know it by the warm feeling that you get inside of you. You may then want to gently hold your attention on that train of thoughts/images and see where it leads you. Take pleasure, or allow pleasure to wash over you, at the beauty or qualities or importance of the thing or person or event that you’re thinking about. (Gently) marvel at the delicious feelings that you feel right now. If at any point you realize that you’ve lost that delicious feeling, don’t worry. Return to observing your thoughts for a while and let the next appreciative thought come to you.

If you have something you want manifest in your life, gently place your focus on it. Create its image in your mind. Imagine using or doing things with it. If it’s something that you really, really want then your imagination would naturally bring you much joy and freedom and love and appreciation. At some point you may find that the thoughts or images have left you, but you still feel warm and wonderful inside for some reason. Just stay in that state for a little while. That’s how wonderful life can be.

Be Grateful!

Reading about something and experiencing it for yourself can be as different as night and day. The changes you go through once you become an appreciative being are life-transforming. I shall end this post here, but please feel free to read other ‘meditation’ scripts of mine (see FREE Guided Meditation Scripts). As always, let me know your questions and comments in the comment box below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my emails; till the next time, thanks a lot!

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