How to achieve a dream – The power of appreciation

Dear all, I’m Clark of Self Help Books, and here on this page I want to discuss with you how to achieve a dream by using one of if not the most powerful force in the Universe and that is appreciation. Every one of us wants to live our dream life, but we may not always know how. So let me share with you what I think works a treat, and please feel free to share your own ideas with me and other readers in the comment box at the bottom of this page.

A pre-requisite…

Obviously, the first thing that is required is that you know what your dream is. To start, pick one thing that you really want. Make it a firm and definite dream or desire, i.e. don’t go changing it daily. One of the ways you could more easily settle on a desire is to pick something that would make you really happy.

It is said that the dream you choose should not be about harming somebody! I’m not exactly sure what would happen if you do that, i.e. your dream has something to do with retribution or taking from others. Maybe just don’t do that? When you get to that place where you’ve achieved all your dreams, revenge is going to matter less or not at all because you would be so happy with your NEW life.

The Power of Appreciation

Gratitude or appreciation is something that almost all Law of Attraction practitioners advise.

The saying goes that if you change the way you look at things, then the things you look at change. If you could just shift your perspective to see the perfection of every single thing in your life right now, then all the components that are required to enter your life to make it perfect will arrive. It seems paradoxical, but that is how this thing works according to all Law of Attraction EXPERTS.

For instance, instead of thinking negatively about having to pay more taxes, be grateful that you’re making more money and hence need to pay more taxes. Rather than disliking the fact that you have to do dirty dishes, appreciate the delicious food you’ve just eaten. Just making simple shifts like that in your mind causes you to start believing that life is indeed perfect.

There is another, less well known way of using the POWER of appreciation. Be grateful that you have gotten what you want, even if you haven’t. This practice goes hand-in-hand with the premise that what you believe in shows up in your life. Gratitude is said to be one of if not the most effective way to change your beliefs because it is inherently such a powerful feeling yet so simple to do.

A process to get yourself to that place…

In the final section of this page, I would like to give you a process that should enable you to reach a state of gratitude and appreciation. As with any other Law of Attraction processes, it’s important to get the gist or essence of it instead of just following the process mechanically, or stressing over doing each step perfectly. This process is particularly powerful if you’re currently not feeling appreciative at all, which could happen if you’re having a bad day or something.

So begin by going over your surroundings and picking out something that pleases you. Think about how wonderful, useful and/or beautiful it is. As you hold your attention on this object, your positive feelings about it will get stronger. When this happens, place your attention on your improved feeling and appreciate the way you feel, which in turn makes you feel even better… And then choose another object to focus on. Do this until you find yourself in a place of utter appreciation.

The key here is not to choose something you don’t like and force yourself to appreciate it, but to gently notice something that pleases you so that you start feeling better. As you stay in that place of good feelings and appreciation throughout your day, more good feelings, events, people and things are going to be attracted to you.

Once you have shifted yourself into a state of gratitude and appreciation, think about each thing in your life and notice how wonderful it is, as well as practice being grateful for having gotten what you want, even if you haven’t. You could practice appreciation just before you fall asleep or right after waking up, which is when your subconscious mind is said to be OPEN and whatever you think is more effective. You could also do it whenever you’re waiting in line for something and don’t have anything to do.

That is all from me here. Start living your dream life by tapping into the power of appreciation right NOW! Please share this with the people you know and love. And finally, if you have any questions or comments about today’s topic let me know in the comment box below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for visiting my site!

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