How to avoid certain people

Do you find that you keep on having to meet (like in a family gathering) the same person who annoys you, or no matter where you go you rendezvous with the same kinds of people with similar characteristics? Wishing that wouldn’t keep happening to you? On this post we look at how to avoid certain people, and the answer might not be what you think.

There Might Be Something In You

Thing is, this may have more to do with you than you think. Maybe you’ve grown up around people like that, and hence you have come to accept it. Law of attraction says you get more of what you think about, and if you have been living or studying/working with certain sorts of people all your life, you would tend to form a belief (a belief is a thought that you have thought over and over) that all people are more or less like that, and that would be the thought that you will continue to think over and over. And as a result, you would attract the same people over and over.

If, say, you’ve been ridiculed by your teacher when you were in the first grade, you might find that same pattern repeating itself over and over again in your schooling days, your career, even your personal life. That is, people in authority disrespecting you, putting you down. Similarly, if you encountered bullying of some form in a particular school, you could possibly encounter bullying no matter which school you move to, or even when you start working.

So you could try to change jobs, but remember that you’ll be taking yourself with you. You’ll be taking your beliefs with you everywhere you go. And you would probably meet with similar circumstances no matter where you go. So what can you do? Are you doomed?

What To Do About It?

If you rage against meeting the same, or the same kinds of, people time and time again, then you’re just keeping the energy of your belief about this going. You might even make the belief stronger. What you want to do instead is getting into alignment with who you really are.

Who you really are is love, joy, peace, enthusiasm, optimism, passion for life, etc. When we were born, our alignment with who we really are is still strong and hence we don’t see children committing murders or crimes out of anger and rage. They are carefree. And when we return to our original state of being we would begin to meet people who please us instead of people who annoy us.

How do you feel love, joy, peace, optimism, enthusiasm and passion for life all the time? By thinking better, more optimistic, more loving, more appreciative, more enthusiastic, more passionate thoughts. It might take a bit of discipline at first, but in no time at all you’ll find yourself a transformed person. If you can practice this, then you’ll notice your meetings with said person becoming less and less. Both of you might be at the same function but you’ll miss each other! And perhaps one day you might find yourself thinking more kindly of this person. Many such things could and would happen when you are in alignment with who you really are.

Another Practice, and I Take My Leave

Another way which is said to bring us right back to who we really are is meditation. Read about it here: A simple meditation with effect

Here is where I take my leave of you. If you have any questions or comments do leave them in the comment box below and I shall revert ASAP. Thanks a lot, and I’ll see you around!

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