How to be enlightened Part 3 – How to be in the Now

Hello dear friend, how are you? Hope you are staying safe and strong in these crazy times. I’m Clark, and this post is written as a sequel to: How to be enlightened Part 2. To read other parts of this series, click on the “SERIES” button in the menu above. As we have discovered in How to be enlightened Part 1, one of the ways to achieve enlightenment is to practice being in the Now, being in the present moment, and below I will expand upon that by showing you how to be in the Now using a few, shall we say, tricks.

A note: Remember our principle aim is to access the present moment, so use whatever works best for you. You may make use of the following suggestions to help you get unstuck in your quest to access the present moment, and to get you going. But if you find that you’re able to access the Now without these aids, by all means go on with what you’re doing.

Trick #1: Understand Deeply That There Is No Past or Future

The more you hear this from a different perspective, and the more familiar you become with the idea that the present moment is all we have, then the more easily you can accept and practice being in the Now.

Time is said to be an illusion. Since we can’t change anything in the past, there is no point in always thinking about it, except for the lessons learnt that we can only put into application right now. There is also nothing you can do to ‘fix’ the future, except through what you are doing now. So you may put aside some time to concentrate on placing your consciousness in the Now; or while going about your day you fully immerse yourself in what you’re doing. When you practice being in the present, life will fall into place.

In life-threatening situations, you become present, or presence. There is no time to mess about with remembering the past or thinking about your future, because any lapse in concentration would be fatal. This is why people engage in activities like bungee jumping, rafting, racing, you name it. Being present feels really, really good. But now you also know that there is another way to achieve this – a way that doesn’t involve putting your life at risk, and what’s more you can make it your usual state of being with practice.

Trick #2: Observe That Your Mind Tend To Escape the Present

As I have mentioned in How to be enlightened Part 1, it is very difficult to segregate components when we talk about subjects like enlightenment. Observing your mind and emotions, which have been suggested in How to be enlightened Part 1 to achieve enlightenment, puts you in the Now too. Similarly, observe how your mind tends to escape the present. Through this practice, you immediately experience more presence. When you realize you are not present, you are present. When you’re able to observe your mind or emotions, you’re no longer trapped in it (them).

Trick #3: Don’t Analyze It Mentally

As human beings, we tend to want to gather all the facts before making a decision. In much the same way, your mind would tend to work out how being in the present moment will lead to peace and joy and love and enlightenment. Be aware of, and resist falling into this trap.

Rather, it is when you manage to get a taste of enlightenment, even briefly, that you would also achieve clarity of mind (at which point it probably wouldn’t matter to you how all this came about anymore). Because when you are one with Source or Being, confusion cannot exist. So it is, sort of, backwards, where you put yourself in that place first and then whatever you may need or want comes to you. When your inside is wonderful, your outside will be beautiful. You just have to take a leap of faith.

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Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned for the next part, because I’m not done with enlightenment yet!! So, come back often to my website, and click on the “SERIES” button in the menu above to read the series I’ve written thus far. Just leave any of your questions and comments below, and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks a lot!

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