How to be enlightened Part 4 – More ways to reach enlightenment

Hello friends, how are you? My name is Clark, and this post is written as a sequel to: How to be enlightened Part 3. I have been reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, and I have in previous parts of this series elaborated on some ways of reaching enlightenment that I gained from reading the book. And here I want to let you in on some more ways to reach enlightenment. These are sourced from The Power of Now but mixed with a dose of my personal views and experience using/practicing them.

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Silence as a portal

Eckhart Tolle mentioned in his book that there are many portals through which you may reach enlightenment, or connection with Being/the “Un-manifested”. And one of them is by using silence. By focusing on the silence that is all around you. When you do that, you’ll also find that you have access the Now or the present, which is another way of gaining enlightenment as we have seen previously. As always, the lines become blurred when we talk about activities like focusing on silence or accessing the present, and each practice seems to have similarities with the next. The key, as always, is not to fall into the trap of analyzing it.

The way I look at it, when you focus on silence you take your mind off whatever you might be thinking or obsessing about. Think of it as a form of meditation, where you stop thought by focusing (typically) on your breath.

Space as a portal

Similarly, you may place your attention on the space around you to connect with Being or the Un-manifested.

It is said that before anything came into being, there is just the Un-manifested. And then there are matter, and stars, and planets, and life, and with all those comes space, which is everywhere matter is not. So space is the nothingness, or the Un-manifested, that is all around things, and just like silence focusing on space means focusing on ‘nothing’ and (at the very least) avoiding incessant thoughts.

But always remember not to put stress on your body when exploring these ways. They are meant to be done gently. When you first started, you might find your body tensing up as you try very hard to concentrate on silence or space. If that happens, just allow your whole self to relax again. When you first do these practices, it is important that you put aside sufficient time and choose a place where you know you wouldn’t be disturbed. With sufficient success, you could feel connection to Un-manifested all the time.

More Portals in the Next Part!

Sorry about the shortness of this post, we shall continue this discussion in the next part where we will explore more portals to the Un-manifested. Just leave any of your questions and comments below and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks a lot!

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