How to be enlightened Part 6 – How to surrender to life

Hey there, and a very good day. I am Clark and this is a sequel to: How to be enlightened Part 5. In this part we will look at how to surrender to life. Surrender is a word that might have negative connotations for many people, chiefly because people take it to mean giving up, weakness, or defeat. However, surrendering to life is something that is very commonly advised in personal development. Below, let us take a look at what it really means.

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The Term Surrender

Let us understand more deeply the word or term surrender. Most of the world values effort and persistence. “Never give up”, “Stay the course, mate”, “Hard work today will bring future success” and so on. And all that has its place in certain situations and circumstances.

However, you need to recognize when something is not good for you, and surrender it but for something better. Also, if there’s an easier way to get to something you want wouldn’t it make sense for you to take it? Some people, unconsciously, want to struggle in their quest to get to where they want to be, because they can then look back and say, “After years of hard work and sacrifice, I’ve finally…” But who’s listening, and was it more satisfying that it was difficult for you to get there?

It is said you need to make space in you and/or your life, by letting go of something that is no longer serving you, in order for something new and better to enter. So in a way it means giving up, yes, but it is giving up something of a lower nature to receive something of a higher nature. Of course, the opposite may occur as well if you’re not careful.

Surrendering to Life

In previous parts of this series, we have explored several ways, called portals, that you can use to gain enlightenment. This is another one of them portals. They are sourced from the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, but of course mixed with my personal views and experience in using them.

Surrendering to life in the context of this series means total acceptance of what is. Now that doesn’t mean you’ve lost, or not caring about anyone or anything anymore. It simply means you fully accept what you can’t change anyway. Whatever your circumstances are at this moment, they are what they are. It’s always what you do now that matters. Dwelling on the past, on something that didn’t work out for you or didn’t please you, doesn’t help you one bit and just makes you feel worse. Note that when you accept what is, you bring your consciousness (awareness) into the Now or present moment. You’ll find that everything is OK, nothing is wrong, in the Now, and hence there is peace in you.

If you’ve been wanting to accomplish something for some time and is frustrated at the lack of a breakthrough, don’t. It is what it is. The same applies if you’ve been going to personal development workshops and reading personal development books, yet have not found the success you want. Instead, you surrender and connect to a higher Being so that It will guide you in life. How do you connect to a higher Being? Through the portals mentioned above, and surrender to life is one of them. By being angry at yourself for a lack of progress in anything, instead of helping it along you introduce resistance to, and block, the wonderful life that is your birthright. And whether you have surrendered can be determined by the degree of peace in you.

In terms of your relationships, surrendering to life means accepting the other persons for who they are. You stop trying to change the other person (when does that ever work out well?), instead you connect to Being and this will bring the other person closer to Being as well, or both of you will separate (but it will be a good separation).

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That’s it for Now!

That’s it for this part and this series, unless I suddenly think of some more (useful?) messages to convey in regards to enlightenment. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series (thus far?), but please come back often to my website because I’m adding new content regularly. Before you go please subscribe to my emails (and get a free personal development book if you do). Just leave your questions and comments, if any, below and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks a lot!

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