How to be Rich and Successful

Welcome, I’m Clark from Self Help Books. Over the past few years I have read/watched numerous “How to be Rich and Successful” books/videos, and within this post I would like to share my two cents’ worth with you. But first things first,

Many LOTTERY Winners Lose EVERYTHING In A Few Short Years!!


The reason I put “rich” and “successful” together in the title is because there are some who think you cannot have permanent wealth without being successful in something.

“Premature wealth is but the forerunner of humiliation and disaster, because we cannot permanently retain anything which we do not merit or which we have not earned.”

– Charles F. Haanel

Rather than winning the lottery, wouldn’t you be happier making your millions by having, say, 200k enter your account every single month doing something you love?

It All Begins in the Mind

One of the consistent messages that I found in all self-help books/videos is that success and wealth creation begins in the mind. They taught me the process of visualization – form a clear and powerful image of the outcome you want in your mind and hold it there firmly. You will surely bring what you want to you. The most important component of visualization is your feelings – you have to feel the way you would once your success and wealth has manifested.

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Another common thread among self-help books is the practice of gratitude. Basically, be grateful for what you already have and you WILL be given more.

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This Tool Helped Me A Lot

Hypnosis Live has a hypnosis audio session called “Wealth Attraction”. I used it a few years back for 21 consecutive days; since then I have seen a dramatic increase in my income.

Hypnosis is said to be able to help us improve almost any area of our lives, be it stop smoking, stop alcohol addiction, become more confident, be positive about business success, become wealthy, etc. A hypnosis audio first takes you down into a deep, relaxing state. And then, by using a combination of affirmations, visualization and special NLP exercises, it helps to replace your negative beliefs and thought patterns with positive ones.

Click on the links on my Hypnosis Live review post to receive a free hypnosis audio. Just download the MP3 file you want, play, and follow the instructions. It’s that simple. Since you’re here and interested in achieving success, you may want to download “Achieve Your Goals”.

Just Remember – Money and Success isn’t everything

One of my favourite books on success and wealth creation is Rhonda Bryne’s Hero. In Hero, ultimate success is achieved when you feel compelled to use your wealth, influence, wisdom and knowledge to improve and inspire as many lives as you can.

The saying is cliché, but there are people who become so lost in their pursuit of money/success that their health and relationships suffer, or they do not even recognize themselves anymore. You do not want this kind of life. Life is meant to be fulfilling in all areas.


And that is all from me today. Do share this if you’ve found it useful! If you have any questions or comments in regards to this topic, just let me know in the comment box below and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “How to be Rich and Successful”

  1. I’ve been attracted to this topic for some time. I’m listening to videos and audio-books about this. And here’s the site! Congratulations, a great and very useful subject. I think this is a much better way to acquire a fortune than winning the lottery. Thank you for sharing with us the experiences that helped you, I’ll try to find the hypnosis you wrote about. I’ve recently started studying NLP, I find it very useful for everyday life.

    • I’m glad you liked it. Please feel free to read other articles on this website. I’ve written many articles about wealth and success that I think you’ll find fascinating and beneficial.

  2. I often wondered if hypnosis really works. I believe everything starts with the state of mind. It is the foundation as to if you are going to succeed, accomplish or be able to perform something. And I agree with you that wealth isn’t everything and it is nothing if you don’t work for it. My question is can hypnosis work to help you achieve anything?

  3. Hey Clark,

    Great post! The comment made by the Dalai Lama is spot on!

    I know people who have built immense wealth but sacrificed their sleep and waistline…only to live unhealthy and never enjoy any of their success.

    Like how you discussed this from a balanced and practical view point.

    Great post!



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